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What Lottery Has the Best Odds in BC?

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In 2017, the small town of Burns Lake attracted national headlines after dozens of people won the B.C. 50/50 lottery draw multiple times. How often did they win? According to CBC, Burns Lake residents won nearly $200,000 in 2017, amounting to an average of $100 per resident.

Some residents won as much as 16 times, with one particular lotto player hitting the jackpot 22 times. Around British Columbia, lots of small-town folk have been hitting lotto jackpots left, right and center.

But which is the best game to play? The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) runs all lottery draws in the province. However, each game is different. Below is an overview of the different lotto games you can play based on their odds.

  #1: Lotto Max

Founded in 2009, Lotto Max is arguably the biggest lotto draw in B.C. It has a jackpot that pays life-changing amounts of money—the minimum prize is $10 million. Interestingly, you only need to spend a small $5 price.

The odds of winning are significantly high. There’s a one in 33,294,800 chance of winning Lotto Max. This happens if you can match the seven numbers in a Lotto Max game—the numbers vary from one to 50.

After you purchase your ticket, next is to watch Tuesday and Friday draws or to look for winning numbers on the official jackpot site. The Lotto Max jackpot increases weekly for a maximum of $50 million.

 After that, every extra $1 million is treated as a separated MAX MILLIONS jackpot. This goes on until the jackpot reaches $50 million. That said, Lotto Max has much longer odds than the Canada National Lotto.

#2: Lotto 6/49

 If you dream of becoming a millionaire but want to play a lotto game with good odds, try 6/49 by BCLC. It pays out from $1 million to as much as $30 million.

The odds of winning Lotto 6/49 are 1 in 13,983,816. Truth be told, there’s a bigger chance of being the prime minister of Canada than winning this lotto. But the good thing, there’s a 1 in 6.6 chance of winning something from the game.

You might not win a million dollars by matching the game’s six numbers. But you could win half a million dollars if you can match four numbers or $1000 if you match three numbers. And don’t lose hope if you only get one number correctly. There’s a measly prize of $1 to console you.

 #3: BC/49

How much would a $2 million windfall change your life? For many Canucks, $2 million is a ticket to financial freedom. It’s a plentiful nest egg that can help a family buy their dream home, start a business or educate their kids all the way to college.

Surprisingly, you have a chance to hit $2 million every week for the paltry price of $1. By adding an extra $1 to your ticket, you also get into a draw that come with an extra $500,000.

To win, you need to match six numbers from a pool of 49 numbers. If you pay $1 extra for the additional prize, you need to match four numbers from a pool of 99 to win $500,000. You can also spend $4 to purchase tickets for both BC/49 and Lotto 6/49. And you can play these games with your friends and family.

In case you’re wondering, the odds of winning BC/49 stand at 1 in 13, 983,316. These are similar odds to playing 6/49, except the guaranteed prize is higher.

#4: Daily Grand

You’ve probably heard of it: A jackpot that pays you $1000 daily for the rest of your life. It’s genuine and costs $3. But there’s a catch. Balls are drawn from two drums. On one side, you pick five numbers. On the other, you select one number.

If you match all the five numbers plus the Powerball-like number, you’ll receive $1000 daily for the rest of your life. Talk of a game-changer! A thousand dollars a day equates to $365,000 per year and over $7 million in 20 years.

What happens if you match the first five balls and get the Powerball wrong? The reward is $25,000 paid yearly. Of course, the odds of matching the five main numbers are lower than the odds of winning the main pot.

While you need a 1 in 13,348,816 odds to win $1000 per year, you only need a 1 in 2, 224,698 odds for the $25,000 per year deal. That said, there’s an option to claim a one-time payout of $7 million instead one grand per day or $500,000 as opposed to $25,000 per year.

#5: Poker Lotto

Let’s get one thing clear. Poker is a game of skill. To player Texas Hold’em and win as often as Ontario’s Daniel Negreanu wins, you need great skills and experience. Winning the Poker Lotto in B.C. requires no skills, though.

Instead, you need to buy a ticket and pick five cards. If your cards form one of the winning hands in poker, say Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind of Full House; you win a specific amount of money.

The main jackpot is drawn at night and involves five cards. If you match the correct numbers—and form a winning hand—you can walk away with up to $100,000. Match four out of five numbers and there’s a reward of $500.

The game also features instant prizes that costs $2 apiece. A Royal Flush Win earns you $5000. A straight flush gets you $500 while a Four of a Kind comes with a small prize of $250.

#6: BC 50/50

You might not live in Burns Lake. But you could be a multi-winner of the BC 50/50 lottery game. It’s an affordable game that costs $1 for a single pick, $5 for six picks and $10 for $15 picks.

It has three draws per day and you can participate in a maximum of 10 consecutive draws. The odds of winning vary depending on the number of participants. On the flip side, the pot size starts at $10,000.

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