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A New Twist on the Washbasin for the Home


Who doesn’t love a nontraditional take on an otherwise conventional item? Think 3D-printed clothing or even edible art. There’s something about taking what is familiar and altering it in unexpected ways, that provokes a surprised yet delightful response from all who look upon it. Here are two inventive takes on the traditional washbasin from Crosswater London and Aquatica Bath.

Playful and imaginative, the charming Arcade Bicycle Basin from Crosswater London is the whimsical statement piece for a bathroom that is truly one of a kind. With a vintage Pashley bicycle and rich walnut shelf, the Arcade Bicycle Basin exudes authenticity and pays tribute to the English countryside. Crosswater London’s classic white fireclay basin anchors the look, while the timeless Arcade faucet with crosshead handles completes the nostalgic image.

Aquatica Bath MyBag Furniture Composition is a trendy, charismatic approach to washbasin design from Aquatica Bath. MyBag demonstrates innovation in both its bold appearance and functionality, as the basin suitcase completely closes. This gives the product a dual purpose to be used as either a sink or a focal point for a unique bathroom look. Available in four contemporary standout colors (ice, green, turquoise and yellow), MyBag is truly a retro fashion statement.