Custom Homes

Simple ways to brighten your home

(NC) Small adjustments to everyday items you rarely think about can create a big impact. Try these easy, chic ideas the next time you're...

Interior Design

save on heating bills

4 interesting ways to make your old home energy efficient

Heating bills in old houses can often cost a fortune due to them losing so much heat. We’ve all heard the basic tips, like...

Home Renovation

kitchen renovation trends

Stunning kitchen renovation trends to try

Start your reno project in the heart of every home — the kitchen. Here are some top trends designers across the country are loving...

Lifestyle Victoria

outdoor lighting

8 Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Does it bring you down every time you stare out into your garden? Are you looking for ways to improve your outdoor living space?...

Weekend DIY

Ways to Get Whimsy with Your Garden

There are numerous garden gadgets and toys available at stores, but try and create some whimsical magic in your backyard with some of these...

Travel at HOME

Disneyland California

USA and its Best Tourist Locations

The United States of America has some of the most amazing places you can explore if you are interested in being a tourist there....

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