Custom Homes

Amazing Seating Ideas For Your Garden

There are some wonderful gardens to explore in Victoria, from the wonderful landscaping of Butchart Gardens, to the calm Abkhazi Garden with its lovely little...

Interior Design

save on heating bills

4 interesting ways to make your old home energy efficient

Heating bills in old houses can often cost a fortune due to them losing so much heat. We’ve all heard the basic tips, like...

Home Renovation

kitchen renovation trends

Stunning kitchen renovation trends to try

Start your reno project in the heart of every home — the kitchen. Here are some top trends designers across the country are loving...

Lifestyle Victoria

Guide on Buying a Chainsaw

There are people who have a hard time in making the right choice while buying chainsaws. There are many factors that one should consider....

Weekend DIY

Ways to Make Maintaining Your Pond Easier

We as people are always looking for the easiest way to get something done. Why would we waste our time doing something the hard...

Travel at HOME

Three Adventure Travel Activities Worth Trying

There are two types of travelers. First are those who enjoy sun-bathing by the beach, content to let the entire day pass without any...

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