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1018 Benvenuto Ave situated in lovely Brentwood Bay

Photos by Glossy Media Located just steps away from the Butchart Gardens and fabulous walks...

Spruce Up for Summer

Interior Design

Stunning Design and Bespoke Craftsmanship

​​​​​​Inspired by the properties of crystals and gemstones, the Luminescence Collection is Design Pretty’s signature product line, created to cast a soothing...

Home Renovation

Construction Management Software for Interior Designers

Interior designers’ add more beauty to a building, no matter the building is new or old; they are capable of making it more appealing. In...

Lifestyle Victoria

5 Time-Saving Laundry Tips

Between sorting, washing, pouring, transferring, drying and folding, laundry can often feel like a daunting chore. While you...

Weekend DIY

9 Troublesome Weed Zones to Tackle

Weeds are opportunists that take advantage of bleak growing conditions to set root. If you've ever seen a weed growing out of a crack...

Travel at HOME

Explore Top Summer Travel Destinations

From a tropical retreat to exploring a new culture, summer is an ideal and popular time to travel. With a literal world of options,...

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