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Sean Connery’s South-of-France Villa

Sean Connery’s South-of-France Villa!

Sir Sean Connery, who died on Halloween, was not only one of the most famous actors of the past 50 years,...

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table and floor lamps

Here Comes the Sun

Following the philosophy of live design, FAINA dedicated a New Collection to the Sun as one of the most powerful symbols which unites all...

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Fireplaces for Kris Kringle’s Big Night

In many ways, the fireplace is the centrepiece of holiday traditions. It’s where chestnuts are roasted over an open...

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New York has a New Virtual Antiques Show

Antiques lovers from all over the country and the world, for three days, January 29-31, 2021, will be able to browse and...

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9 Troublesome Weed Zones to Tackle

Weeds are opportunists that take advantage of bleak growing conditions to set root. If you've ever seen a weed growing out of a crack...

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Winter Outdoors in Prince George

Enjoy the Winter Outdoors in Prince George

Shorter days and colder temperatures can make winter a grind unless you embrace the outdoors! Add in the effects...

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