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A Realistic Alternative to Traditional Fireplaces

The Napoleon Elevation Electric and Luminex are two realistic options to enhance ambiance in any space


Electric Fireplace technology is continually advancing – prioritizing a blend of realism and sustainability as an alternative option for gas and wood fireplaces.

The authenticity of traditional fireplaces is showcased in Napoleon’s latest electric models – the Elevation Electric and the Luminex. These cutting-edge fireplaces represent a significant advancement in eco-conscious design and home comfort, poised to revolutionize the way consumers enjoy warmth and ambiance in their living spaces.

“Napoleon is at the forefront of innovation and quality, offering electric fireplaces that evoke the authenticity typically associated with traditional models,” says Garry Scott, Vice President of Marketing at Napoleon. “As pioneers in the hearth industry, we push the boundaries, and our team believes that the Elevation Electric and Luminex will ignite creativity with designers looking for realistic and sustainable fireplace options while elevating the look and feel of any living space.” 

Replicating the realism of a traditional fire, the Elevation Electric boasts premium glowing split oak logs, a modulating ember bed and triple-layer flame projection technology, emulating the natural growth of flames from front to back and side to middle. Its adaptable firebox seamlessly integrates into the rough framing of Napoleon’s premium gas Elevation X and Elevation traditional fireplaces – enabling builders and property owners to streamline projects without compromising design integrity. Positioned as an alternative to traditional fireplaces, the Elevation Electric aims to appeal to consumers in search of a fireplace even if traditional models – like wood and gas – aren’t feasible in their space.

The Luminex offers an immersive, multi-sensory experience through advanced LCD technology. Lifelike flames, intricate details and vibrant colours create an ambiance that rivals a genuine fire. Built-in speakers replicate natural crackling and soothing fire sounds, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Its flexible installation options allow for various design possibilities for both residential and commercial spaces, allowing architects and designers to unleash their creativity.

Both models feature smart technology integration, enabling control through either the Napoleon Home mobile app or voice commands. The intuitive functionality provides users with convenient options to manage their fireplace settings effortlessly, enhancing their overall experience with advanced accessibility and control.

The Luminex is shipping now, ready for a consumer launch in July and pre-orders for the Elevation Electric are being accepted, with shipping in August and consumer launch in September.