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Create Your Own Custom Dream House in Pink – with NanaWall

NanaWall offers more colors and shades than any other folding wall system – offering almost endless options for decorating your home or business in the colors of your wildest dreams

Create Your Custom Dream House in Pink - with NanaWall

As Barbie-mania sweeps the country, more and more people are looking to create their own custom dream homes in bright colors like pink that they had previously dismissed in home decor – and NanaWall Systems, the pioneer of the opening glass wall category, can fulfill anyone’s design dreams with more than 250 custom colors – including more than ten shades of pink.

“Color is the ultimate way to customize your home or business – and we see more people requesting colors that allow their spaces to pop,” said Ebrahim Nana, founder and CEO of NanaWall. “The minute photos of the Barbie movie’s incredible design and world-building went public, the number of requests we have been seeing for shades of pink went off the charts.”

From whites and warm neutrals to a wide selection of grays, irons, and bronze tones, NanaWall offers all the colors in the rainbow – with 50 standard next-level finishes and up to two hundred different RAL color options and Steel Effect DB colors with pearlescent mica pigment that offers a classic steel look. Custom color match is also available. Powder coat finishes are used for their proven steadfastness and durability. They are resilient to chemicals and corrosion and have been tested for resistance to salt spray and humidity. Powder coatings do not use solvents during the manufacturing process, and as such emit only ultra-low VOCs, making them the sustainable alternative to liquid coatings. The additional finishes NanaWall offers include anodized finishes, as well as a PVDF Kynar finish, which is available to specific systems and projects upon request.

“Most of our customers order in traditional shades of black, aluminum and bronze tones, but we have been seeing a sizable number requesting colors like pink, yellow or blue – and NanaWall can meet those requests as part of our custom line,” said Matt Thomas, Marketing Manager of NanaWall. “Our NW Aluminum 640 in NanaWall’s Generation 4 line allows homeowners, architects, and interior designers to create custom color palettes and create the spaces they dreamed of.  While we have always seen a lot of people using color in the design of their children’s rooms and play spaces, you can use this anywhere in the house without sacrificing any of the superior weather performance and engineering of our category-defining folding glass walls. It’s also ideal in retail and restaurant settings.”

Whatever your aesthetic proclivities, you can embrace the vibrant colors of your imagination and create your dream space with customizable NanaWall glass wall systems.  If you’re seeking color inspiration, or want to harness the power of pink, the convenient and user-friendly NanaWall 3D Configurator is a completely free design tool that lets you choose your system right down to the custom colors. Designed with architects, builders, and homeowners in mind, it can customize glass wall systems to fit your design and climate requirements. Build your own folding or sliding glass wall system, make animations, rotate, play, and share your design vision with our user-friendly NanaWall 3D Configurator. Take your design even one step further and open it up in our provided augmented reality feature to see what any system and color finish will look like in your space.  Embrace the magnetic charm of Barbie pink as it’s making waves in architectural design circles!