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KEENON Robotics Unveils Cutting-Edge New Product Lineup in Europe with Industry-Leading Advancements at HostMilano


KEENON Robotics, a global pioneer in commercial service robotics, unveils four new innovative products DINERBOT T10, DINERBOT T9 Pro, DINERBOT T3, and KLEENBOT C30 in Europe at HostMilano (“HOST”) in Italy, running from October 13th to 17th. The product launch event marks a significant milestone for the emerging brand that is already making significant progress in the European market.

HOST is an industry-renowned event for the hospitality sector, serving as a global platform for industry leaders and innovators to showcase the latest advancements and trends. Located at Booth No. A63 B66 Pavilion 11P, KEENON introduces its cutting-edge robotic solutions to the European market with media open days throughout the event. On the first day, the company hosted live-stream product demonstrations for the public online while a Partner Meeting and Exclusive Aperitivo will be held on the 16th.

KEENON’s robots are equipped with a self-developed, fully autonomous positioning and navigation system, coupled with highly sensitive perception and obstacle avoidance technologies, along with auto-charging function that can readily adapt in complex real-world application scenarios to provide safe, reliable and efficient services. The products debuted are:

  • DINERBOT T10: Features advanced sensor fusion, an innovative movable head with customizable head accessories, one-of-a-kind multi-modal interactions through voice, touch and vision, and a large 23.8-inch screen display for advertisement.
  • DINERBOT T9 Pro: An efficient “grab-and-go” delivery robot designed for casual dining situations, enabling seamless transition of food pickup services from waiters to customers.
  • DINERBOT T3: Tailored for private dining rooms, addressing the demand for reliable robot-assisted deliveries over long distances and heightened privacy requirements.
  • KLEENBOT C30: Marking KEENON’s entry into the cleaning robot market, it offers professional cleaning, portability, agility, and cloud-based management capabilities.

Discussing the company’s growth strategy during the event, Mr. Jim Huang, General Manager, EMEA at KEENON Robotics shared, “Since 2022, we have established two subsidiaries in the region to offer localized service within key markets and forge local business partnerships. Over the past year, we have witnessed remarkable growth in the European and Middle Eastern market, and received widespread recognition from our partners. A recent report by IDC also highlighted that KEENON’s successes, noting its achievement of a 60.4% market share in China’s catering industry.”

Looking forward, KEENON Robotics is committed to further growth by cultivating local markets in the EMEA region, developing innovative technologies, fostering partnerships, and utilizing intelligent technology to better serve a growing range of customers with diverse needs.