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Mosaic Art at Home: How to Take Care of Mosaics So They Maintain Bright Colors for Decades

Mozaico Shares Advice for All Homeowners Who Have Mosaics in Their Homes.


Mosaics are one of the most durable art mediums that exist. Thanks to the usage of natural stone or mosaic glass, mosaic art can withstand harsh environmental conditions and last for centuries — consider the ancient mosaics being found all over the world. However, those that have mosaic art in their homes might want to learn more about the proper care for this form of decoration to preserve the colors and shine for decades to come. Mozaico, the artisan makers of the highest-quality mosaics, share several simple tips on how to clean and maintain the mosaics at home to preserve them at their best.

Yearly Maintenance

With time and interaction with the mosaic, grout may lose its primary look and become duller, and stone color may alter too, which can affect the general aesthetic of the piece. It is recommended to inspect the mosaic at least once a year to determine any damage or tessera loss, and to refresh the grout.

“Many mosaic owners think you only need to grout it once — when it is being installed. However, mosaic art can benefit greatly from annual grout refresh and sealing. For high foot-traffic areas or such places as the shower, you may want to do it every six months. To remove any glue excess on natural stone mosaics, we recommend using the acetone-based solution. A general rule of thumb, however, is to perform yearly maintenance of your mosaic by applying a 2-in-1 stone color enhancer and sealer in order to preserve the mosaic. By sealing your mosaic tiles, you will prevent the penetration of spills, dirt and, most importantly, mop water from soaking into the grout,” shares Chady Tawil, CEO at Mozaico.

Deep Cleaning and Service

Once in a while, even the most durable materials need full maintenance to protect their beauty. This especially applies to floor mosaics located in high foot-traffic areas. Depending on the state of the mosaic, it might require a thorough cleaning, regrouting, or even reconstructing some missing parts.

Mosaic art is very resilient and resistant to normal wear and tear that happens during its lifecycle. To make sure it serves you for a long time, make it a habit to deep clean and regrout it once every few years. If the mosaic is not in a high foot-traffic area, once in a decade should be enough. Remove the old grout completely with a grout removing tool and replace it with a new one matching the color palette of your mosaics — and it will look as fresh and new as it was when you first installed it,” concludes Tawil.