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Barbie-style interiors take over this Christmas as searches for ‘pink Christmas tree’ rise 286%

a Barbie living room on Christmas morning

As the holiday season approaches, gifting experts at Unifury have revealed some exciting insights into the predicted Christmas trends for 2023. By analyzing Pinterest Trends data, the experts have identified likely Christmas décor and gift trends. From the resurgence of nostalgic traditions to pop culture influences, this year’s festivities promise to be filled with creativity and style.  

A Barbie Christmas 

Searches for ‘Pink Christmas Tree’ spike 286% 

Searches for ‘Pink Christmas Tree’ have skyrocketed by a remarkable 286% in the past six months. It appears that Barbie mania is spreading into the festive season, inspiring a wave of pink holiday decor.  

A pink Christmas tree is the perfect, fun, centerpiece for Christmas, offering a different touch to a traditional color scheme and is perfect for photo opportunities.  

Searches for ‘Pink Christmas decorations’ soar 198% 

Following the Barbie-inspired trend, ‘Pink Christmas decorations’ have seen a surge of 198% in searches in the past six months. Prepare for pink baubles, tinsel and lights bringing a vibrant holiday atmosphere that’s bound to delight. 

How this year’s top musicians have influenced Christmas 

Searches for ‘Taylor Swift Christmas’ have risen 220% 

Fans of Taylor Swift, known as ‘Swifties’, are already planning their Taylor-themed Christmas with ‘Taylor Swift Christmas’ searches exploding by 220%. Expect to see ornaments, and decor that are inspired by Swift’s Eras tour, including purples, pinks, greens, and oranges. With the recent release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version), we can expect to see lots of blue and soft green tones to be popular among fans. 

Beyoncé inspires a metallic and chrome Christmas 

Thanks to the Beyoncé Renaissance tour’s metallic and chromatic costumes, ‘silver Christmas tree’ searches have surged by 250%. To emulate the color scheme and aesthetic of the record-breaking tour, incorporating silver accents to your decorations, from baubles to wreaths can be the perfect way to achieve the on-trend look.  

Similarly, searches on Pinterest for designs around ‘silver and gold Christmas tree’ have exploded by 335% as Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour metallic costumes continue to inspire festive decorating.  

The top trending gifts  

UGG Slippers are back with a search interest increase of 155% 

Online searches for ‘UGG slippers’ have increased by 155%, primarily capturing the interest of 18–24-year-olds. Impressively, 64% of these searches were made by young women in that age group. UGG slippers are set to be a cosy and fashionable staple this holiday season and the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Cashmere sweater searches explode 72% 

Online searches for ‘cashmere sweater’ have increased by72%, peaking in October. A cashmere sweater is a wonderful Christmas gift that combines comfort, warmth, style, and thoughtfulness. It’s a versatile and timeless present that can be cherished for years, making it an excellent choice for anyone on your holiday gift list. The searches also highlight the desire for quality when it comes to gift-giving this year. 

Pet gifts are popular too with searches for ‘dog sweater’ up by 190% 

Dog owners are gearing up for the festive season as searches for ‘dog sweater’ have exploded by 190%. Get ready to see your furry friends in adorable holiday attire. If you are stuck for gift inspiration for your dog-obsessed loved ones, a sure-fire way to delight them is with a Christmas sweater for their dog. 

A spokesperson at Unifury commented on the findings: 

“As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, these trends provide a glimpse into the upcoming Christmas season’s creativity, warmth, and diversity. Whether you’re a fan of classic nostalgia or eager to embrace pop culture influences, there’s a trend to suit every taste this holiday season.”