Home Interior Design Deep blue: BeautiTone unveils 2024 Exterior Colour of the Year, ‘Pacific’

Deep blue: BeautiTone unveils 2024 Exterior Colour of the Year, ‘Pacific’

A deep blue Adirondack chair with a bright orange throw blanket draped over one arm rests on a wooden dock. Beside the chair is a small round wooden table holding a wine glass and a vintage-looking radio. In the background, a serene lake with hills and houses under a clear sky creates a peaceful setting. A striped tote bag stands next to the chair, suggesting a leisurely day by the water.

BeautiTone, the number one Canadian-made and owned retail paint brand, has revealed its 2024 Exterior Colour of the Year, “Pacific” (WSC76-9), a perfectly balanced and dramatic hue that draws inspiration from the deep blue sea.

The name “Pacific” evokes the calmness and complexity of the ocean itself, which was named for its peaceful intervals, and invites a daring yet refined approach to exterior aesthetics marking the beginning of a new season of bold colour choices for Canadian neighbourhoods.

 “For several years now, Canadians have embraced neutral tones on the exteriors of their homes, but with ‘Pacific’ we have entered a new, more vibrant era,” said Kristen Gear, Lead Design & Colour Specialist, BeautiTone Paint and Home Products. “‘Pacific’ will be an impactful colour choice for many years to come. It is a calming, yet bold influence that balances the hustle and bustle of our busy lives inside and outside the home.”

With “Pacific,” homeowners and designers can infuse any exterior with a distinct and personal touch while remaining timeless and refined.

“This harmonious shaded blue not only creates a peaceful atmosphere but also seamlessly complements various architectural styles making it a versatile and elegant choice,” said Gear.  

The centrepiece of the BeautiTone 2024 Exterior Colour Trends, “Pacific” is one of five key colours in the 2024 colour palette, along with seven supporting neutrals. BeautiTone’s 2024 Exterior Colour of the Year and Colour Trends palettes are available exclusively at Home Hardware, Home Building Centre, and Home Hardware Building Centre locations across Canada. “Pacific” and other colours are available in BeautiTone’s wide range of paint and stain products.