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Fireplaces for Kris Kringle’s Big Night


The fireplace stands as a central focus of holiday traditions.

It’s where stockings are meticulously hung with care and the Yule log casts a warm glow. It also is a source of warmth and comfort during the short, cold nights of the season.

More importantly, as described in the timeless Clement Cark Moore poem, ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas,’ the fireplace takes center stage as the main entry point for the beloved symbol of secular celebration, jolly old Santa Claus.

Once a ubiquitous feature in homes, serving both as a heat source and a cooking space, fireplaces became less prevalent with mass urbanization. However, modern innovations now enable fireplaces to grace homes of any size, reclaiming their role as a focal point – and rekindling their significance in holiday celebrations.

Among the choices with a great holiday vibe:

  • Electric Fireplaces eliminate the requirement for smoke ventilation through a chimney – making it possible to install a hearth in any room of the home. Adding a touch of holiday warmth, the Alluravision Series presents a distinctive aesthetic, featuring an impressive flame pattern and adjustable brightness and speed options. Beyond providing warmth, it transforms into a central point of attention, especially when adorned with stockings and garland on its mantle, creating a festive and cozy atmosphere.
  • Traditional Wood Burning Fireplaces are responsible for the soot and ash stains on St. Nick’s attire. Boasting a timeless aesthetic, the Napoleon High Country provides generous space for Santa’s seamless entry and exit. Harmonizing classic charm with contemporary ingenuity, enjoy the nostalgic scent, soothing crackle and luminous warmth from the flickering flames.
  • Modern Gas Fireplaces offers a blend of safety, convenience, efficiency and effectiveness, infusing warmth into any room. The Altitude X Series exudes a timeless charm, creating an atmosphere where one might imagine Santa descending at any given moment. Elevate your space with a personalized fireplace, choosing from realistic log sets and curated accessories for a uniquely crafted ambiance.