Old, Meet New

With design roots reaching from the embellished, sinuous curves of Art Nouveau to the clean lines of Art Deco, Watermark’s catalogue is more than just plumbing fixtures. The antique inspired pieces are a lens into the history of society. Gilded Age opulence is found in a tiny, elegant sink; unfolding from behind a hidden domed doorway, opened and shut by a petite lever. Perched inside a WW1 era farm sink is a single basin, separated by two drainboards. Each drainboard segmented into tiny waves, designed to pool water into the waiting sink basin below. 

The fixtures reflect history not only in design, but within process as well. Molds created from sand form the basis of our cast iron. Porcelain, fired at 1500 degrees, creates a glossy shell of indestructibility. Marble, polished to a high shine, reflects both the beauty of the stone and the room in which its placed. These items are not only inspired by history, they’re designed and crafted to help you shape yours.