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Lighting Trends for Interior Design in 2022

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Lighting should always be a top priority when planning a new home or renovating your current one. Proper lighting has a powerful impact on your home’s final appearance as well as the mood it inspires in you and your family. Here are some popular home lighting trends for 2022:

1.   Sustainable Lights

With the drastic effects of climate change always looming around the corner, more and more designers are turning to greener, sustainable ways to style homes. Also, everyday people have embraced green living by intentionally shopping for and purchasing eco-friendly home lighting.

This trend toward environmentally conscious design has pushed more and more companies to incorporate sleek, natural-looking design features into their lighting fixtures. You may notice more fixtures like lampshades or chandeliers made from bamboo and wood filling up shelves. Keep an eye out for beautiful designs that flawlessly add a unique and natural touch to your home.

2.   Hi-Tech Smart Lighting

Technology is now a significant influence on nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Everyone from toddlers to seniors has learned how to operate smart gadgets and devices. Therefore, it’s no wonder lighting companies are shifting toward smart, integrated IOT technology when designing their elegant lighting fixtures.

Smart lighting has become easier to adapt to the existing fixtures of any home. Unlike conventional incandescent lighting, smart lighting uses LEDs that are greener and way more customizable in color, warmth, and intensity. They can also be controlled remotely from your phone or tablet through a preinstalled app. You can add fingerprints and control the light brightness to your liking. They’re better at enhancing security, especially if you need the lights on for your pet when you aren’t home.

3.   Sleek, Modern, and Space-Conscious Lights

Minimalism and space-consciousness are sweeping today’s design world. Most home decor items, especially furniture, are made sleeker and designed to have more than one purpose. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have fancy, decorative lighting pieces, but you ought to be open to embracing multi-purpose lighting fixtures or furniture that may have lighting fixtures pre-installed.

When lighting is incorporated into walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture, it is known as recessed lighting. Well-designed recessed lighting will have your house guests wondering where the luminescent warmth and welcoming glow is coming from. It’s as if your house itself was glowing!

4.   Energy Saving Lights

Incandescent lights have slowly been phased away over the years, and LED bulbs have taken over. Despite being a bit more costly upfront than incandescent bulbs, most people still prefer them because they save homeowners money over time since they last longer and use less energy.

5.   Colored LED Lights

Imagine customizable mood settings at the push of a button! Enter mood-adaptable, custom-made neon signs. Color LED lights have been used more frequently in offices, restaurants, and clubs to deliver a specific ambiance. However, these color-changing bulbs now see broader use in the home.

Due to colors’ therapeutic effects, these bulbs are also being used more in hospitals and homes. Colors have been known to be a form of therapy, inducing certain moods and physiological reactions in people. You can purchase some of these fabulously warm bulbs for your home and ensure that they blend well with your home’s color accents.

6.   Layered Lights

Each room should reflect its functional purpose. For example, a church and restaurant can’t have the same lighting design because they both have different functions. In churches, you expect to see more colored glass windows, candles, lamps, and torches to showcase its beauty and set the mood. Restaurant lighting tends to vary greatly depending on their theme.

The same idea can be used in your home in different rooms to display versatility in each room. For example, with the growing working from home jobs, most homeowners transform the space with these lights to set in the mood as they work and then restore the mood to the needed lighting for the room.

7.   Mirror-Reflective Lights

Certain rooms may not be receiving ample natural light and artificial lighting due to the space and the direction it faces. Instead of adding lighting fixtures all over the room, mirrors are cleverly used as decorative pieces and reflective light enhancers across the room.

Your home’s lighting doesn’t have to stress you, and you don’t have to feel the pressure to suit a specific style. Work with what suits your style and transform your home into the home of your dreams!

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