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Awesome technology for your bedroom


As we move further into the digital age, we’re seeing more and more cool gadgets being introduced into our day to day lives. We’re constantly developing new technology to make our lives easier and more efficient. With Google, Amazon, Apple and Samsung amongst other companies constantly competing for the limelight, we’re lucky to be part of a new tech revolution that provides us with some awesome technology that we can have in our very own homes.

  • The floor plan light switch

Getting up once you’re all ready for bed can be annoying when you’ve left a light on downstairs. However, whatever size your house, a floor plan light switch can be a life saver when all you want to do is snuggle up. The creative solution founded by designer, Taewon Hwang, created a light switch where you can turn off any light within your home. The ultimate handy switch for when you are ready to relax in bed.

  • Sleep Number C2 bed

The sleep number C2 mattress is a mattress that not only provides super duper comfort, but can also help to track your sleep patterns. With built in sleep trackers, this mattress can help give you a great night’s sleep but also help you to monitor sleep patterns for better, dreamier nights.

  • Z Zoned aromatherapy pillow

The Z Soned aromatherapy pillow helps those that find it difficult to catch some zzz’s. Embedded with lavender and designed for those who sleep on their side, this memory foam pillow can help to induce sleep and regulate cycles for those that can’t get their snooze on with a regular pillow.

  • Motion activated LED Bed light

This incredible, human body passive infrared motion sensor light is the perfect addition to your bedroom if you regularly get up at night. It detects motion and has an automative on and off function supported by human induction. It allows those to get up for the loo in the middle of the night and provides a guided pathway without waking up those around you.

  • Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector

Whilst it sounds complicated, this simple projector allows you to turn your wall into a life-sized window or movie theatre. The project just sits seven inches from the wall and can turn your photos, videos and images into life. In fact, why not try this online photography studio to create some great images. Invite your family along to a photoshoot and get your images on a USB. Plug them into the projector and get some fantastic family shots you can treasure forever.

  • Dreampad Advanced Music Smart Pillow

If you like to listen to relaxing sounds and block out your busy brain at night in order to get to sleep, this is the gadget for you. The Dreampad pillow plays music through Intrasound technology straight to your ear without distracting your partner. It triggers relaxation and calming so that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

  • The Amazon Echo Spot

If you’re a snoozer, or not so-snoozer the Amazon Echo Spot is your perfect companion for your bedside table – and Alexa can do many awesome things. Its voice activated features mean you can set alarms, snooze for longer, or check the daily weather before you even get up out of bed. PLUS, it has all the other features from any other Alexa product, meaning you can buy clothes and order pizza without having to get up at all.