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Botanica Tulip Festival opens this week with sustainable initiatives at the forefront

Opening April 12th, it is the first carbon-negative flower festival in Canada


Botanica Tulip Festival officially opens on April 12th in Chilliwack, and event organizers are excited to share their commitment to sustainability, which is the first carbon-negative flower festival in Canada. Botanica is dedicated to offsetting its footprint by capturing and sequestering carbon, marking a significant milestone in environmental sustainability within the flower festival industry. After a soft opening this week, the festival will officially open starting April 12th, with ticket sales now live through their website botanicaflowerfestival.com. The festival is expected to attract thousands of visitors to the Fraser Valley over the next month.

Prior to undergoing the process of utilizing carbon-capturing techniques, Botanica employed soil testing, crop rotation, and composting to nurture healthy soil and vibrant flowers. Now, by integrating a new carbon sequestration method into its tulip fields, Botanica is reducing its carbon footprint further and enriching soil health for better flower growth. 

“We’re thrilled to be the first carbon-negative flower festival in Canada. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is deeply rooted in our love for nature and the stunning tulips we grow,” shared Jen Giesbrecht, co-owner and co-operator of Botanica Tulip Festival. “We’ve worked really hard to prioritize environmental initiatives to be a fully carbon-negative festival.” 

Botanica’s approach involves transforming organic waste into stable carbon, preventing the release of harmful carbon dioxide. This stored carbon remains in the soil, actively reducing greenhouse gas levels and improving soil quality. These efforts are independently verified, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Botanica is committed to sustainable practices throughout the festival with initiatives that include offering EV chargers for visitors and recyclable and compostable packaging. Attendees can also enjoy interactive exhibits showcasing Botanica’s environmental initiatives, including North America’s first carbon-capturing production truck and engaging activities for kids to learn about carbon and sustainability.

This year, Botanica Tulip Festival is also partnering with Evo to provide their customers with 10 free travel minutes, 10% off of Botanica ticket sales and dedicated parking onsite to encourage visitors to carpool and utilize Evo’s hybrid vehicles.

Botanica Tulip Festival is located at 41310 Royalwood Dr, Chilliwack, BC V2R 4J1. The festival offers many photo opportunities throughout the grounds including an on-site Ferris wheel, providing visitors a chance to take in the spectacular views of the expansive 13-acre tulip fields from above!

To ensure a seamless experience, visitors are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance through the festival’s website, botanicaflowerfestival.com, to save and guarantee access. Pricing for children & youth (5-15) varies from $10-$20, adults (16-64) $12-$25 and seniors (65+) $10-$20. Infants & toddlers (0-4) can access the festival for free. Please note weekday and weekend pricing varies.