Pfister’s innovative TopPfit technology makes it easy to install a kitchen faucet


Installing a kitchen faucet isn’t exactly an easy job, requiring bending into yoga-like poses to fit into the tight spot under the sink to secure the new apparatus to the sink or countertop.

Until now.

Pfister’s innovative TopPfit technology allows installation of a faucet from above the counter, and can be done in less than two minutes. Now instead of contorting your body to get under and around the sink and drain pipes to tighten and secure the faucet, the only under-counter work required is to simply reach in to connect the water supply.

TopPfit technology is currently available in three Pfister faucets:

  • Seahaven — Boasting a soft take on a traditional mid-century design, the Seahaven is a new addition to the Pfister roster. Available in matte black, spot-defense stainless steel or polished chrome, it is a modern showpiece that is appealing and precise. Besides TopPfit technology, the Seahaven also features Magnepfit and Auto-Align to better manage and control the spray head, Pfast Connect technology to securely connect water lines and TiteSeal Mounting Technology that simplifies installation by eliminating the need for putty or silicone.
  • Ladera — Available exclusively at The Home Depot, the Ladera kitchen faucet is fashioned with a simplicity that is timeless. With a minimalist design that marries straight lines with sweeping curves, the Ladera will adapt to any décor. The Ladera also features the Pfister Pforever Seal, an advanced ceramic valve technology that comes with a never-leak guarantee and Pfast connect supply lines.
  • Miri — The captivating faceted body-to-handle transition of the Miri creates a subtle, timeless elegance. With a tall arcing spout and a high positioned handle, the Miri is a showpiece in any contemporary kitchen. Pfister Pfast Connect hoses, TiteSeal Mounting Technology and TopPfit make installing the Miri a quick and easy task.

Installing a kitchen faucet with TopPfit technology starts as any other faucet install would – turn off the water supply and remove the old faucet. The rest is an absolute game changer – just four simple steps:

  1. Feed the supply lines and shank through the countertop hole.
  2. Insert TopPfit tool into the faucet body and turn clockwise to secure the faucet to the countertop.
  3. Feed the waterline through the shank and connect the top half of the faucet.
  4. Connect to waterlines.

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