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Trail Running Must-Knows from Steve Nash Fitness Club

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Trail running is not only an excellent way to switch up your usual fitness routine, but also a sport with a knowledgeable and supportive following. Trail Running Canada is a great resource for runners of all fitness levels.

Many trails runners have increased the time they spend in the gym focusing on a variety of muscle groups. Kettlebells, TRX, and other functional training can have a profound impact on your trail running performance. Make an appointment with a member of Steve Nash’s certified Personal Training team to learn more about incorporating functional training into your routine.

  • Many trails take you into areas without cell phone coverage. It is best practice to never run alone and to bring extra clothing and food.
  • Always have someone you check in with before and after your run.
  • Carry a map and if you are new to trail. See if there is someone who can take you until you are familiar with the route.