As the global pandemic drags on, we are adapting to doing things differently.

Movie theatres in most parts of the country have been shut down — and those that are open are greatly restricted in terms of capacity. It has caused movie production companies to be creative with how they engage their audiences and get their new releases to market.

And in almost every instance, if the movie isn’t hitting a big screen in a theatre it is coming to your television in one way, shape or form. It could be available for rent or purchase from a theater company’s website. In other instances, production companies are using streaming services they own — such as Disney+ — to put their new content in the market.

Even in a post-COVID world, the proliferation of movie streaming services have seen more original release movies debut directly on your TV without ever being seen in a theatre.

This new approach to entertainment makes your home theatre that much more important. To get the full effect of screening a Hollywood blockbuster in your home, you will want to replicate as close as you can the experience you would get in the theatre — and that means a big picture, vibrant images, deep sound and comfortable seating.

  • Big Television — The ideal home theatre begins and ends with the television. A big screen — bright colours, stark contrast, smooth flow — is the heart of the system. It doesn’t come closer to cinema-quality in your home than a laser tv. The next generation projection TV boasts 4K HDR on screens up to 120 inches. Unlike traditional projectors, it doesn’t mount on your ceiling or at the back of the room — it sits six to eight inches in front of the screen, so no one going for a refill will block your view. If a conventional television is more practical in your set up, look for a ULED Quantum Dot TV. Up to 75 inches, slim with a bezel-less frame. It has more than a billion colours in its palette, with amplified contrast, brightness and smooth motion. 
  • Big Sound — A key advantage to seeing a movie in a theatre is sound you can feel. Replicate that at home with the rich, clear and powerful sound from a soundbar. A soundbar couples perfectly with the TV, without the need of running wires all across the room. Dolby Atmos® and DTS-X technologies in the Hisense 5.1.2 channel soundbar brings a cinematic experience to your living room, with 10 internal speakers that fire sound from all directions with astonishing clarity, richness, detail and depth. The wireless subwoofer provides the thumping bass that reverberates.
  • Big App Selection — You can’t watch the latest releases if you don’t have access to where they are being released. Through operating systems like Android or Roku you can access all of the major streaming services in Canada — Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and Crave (which is carrying most of the content that is released on HBO Max in the United States). Not only do these give you access to thousands of movies, but you will also be able to watch your favourite TV shows as well.
  • Big Comfort — Where you sit matters. If you are going to be spending some time in front of the screen, you want to be comfortable. Beyond the comfy couch or chairs (hint – go for recliners!), you will need tables where you can rest snacks, drinks and perhaps the remotes. But comfort goes beyond how soft your couch is. Many home theatres are set up in a finished basement, but these can also be damp spaces. Setting up a dehumidifier not only makes it a more comfortable sitting environment, it also helps protect your home theatre components from potential moisture damage — and they run quietly so won’t disturb your home viewing entertainment experience.
  • Big Snacks — Nothing kills the momentum or tension of a good movie than having to pause it so you can refresh your drink. A bar fridge in your home theatre will keep all of your refreshments handy for quick access when you need them, without having to interrupt the story line. And if you don’t have one already, invest in an air popper or whirly popper — it is near blasphemous to watch a movie without popcorn!
  • Big Protection — A home theatre system commands a lot of power to several sensitive components. A surge protector will protect your TV and receiver from an electrical surge that could be potentially fatal to your system. For added security, look for one that insures all of your connected devices.

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