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Lovesac Announces New PillowSac Accent Chair


The Lovesac Company, a home furnishing and technology brand today unveiled a new product to expand and elevate their Sac platform. Featuring a solid-wood Frame made of Blonde Oak, the PillowSac Accent Chair offers a new, upright, and supportive way to enjoy the World’s Most Comfortable Seat. With a tool-less and simple assembly, the Accent Chair brings a fresh, sophisticated seating experience to the living room.

In addition to selecting from 150+ machine-washable, changeable Covers, customers will be able to customize their Accent Chair in the form of hardware finishes and strap options. Hardware is available in brushed brass, gunmetal grey, or brushed nickel, and straps in black or tan webbing. Existing PillowSac owners can seamlessly integrate the Blonde Oak Frame for added functionality, allowing them to experience their Sac in a whole new way.

“Lovesac products allow customers to truly reimagine their living room, and with the launch of the PillowSac Accent Chair, we hope to further empower creativity,” said Lovesac CEO and Founder Shawn Nelson. “This new Accent Chair pays homage to an original Lovesac product and gives it a fresh platform to align with the needs of today’s consumer craving comfort without sacrificing style.”

In alignment with the brand’s Designed For Life philosophy, the introduction of the PillowSac Accent Chair is yet another innovation that will empower customers to customize their comfort without compromising style. Both durable and stylish, the Accent Chair can evolve as customer preferences do – a unique, defining feature of all Lovesac products. Beginning today, the Chair Frame is available to purchase online and in Lovesac showrooms