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Nespresso Canada Rolls Out RELOVE Program to Refurbish and Reuse Coffee Machines


Nespresso Canada continues to use coffee as a force for good with the roll-out of its RELOVE program in Canada. Marking yet another step forward in the company’s commitment to sustainable development, this program will enable coffee lovers across the country to give a second life to selected Nespresso coffee machines and to purchase refurbished machines without having to compromise on quality. In fact, in addition to offering a more sustainable option, the machines that are part of the RELOVE program meet the same quality standards as any other Nespresso products and feature the same warranties as our brand-new machines.

“Nespresso Canada has been multiplying its efforts for sustainability over the past several years. In line with our coffee capsule recycling solutions, the arrival of the RELOVE program will contribute to the circularity of our coffee machines in a context where the second-hand economy is growing rapidly,” explained Carlos Oyanguren, President of Nespresso Canada.

How are the coffee machines refurbished? Nespresso machines from the RELOVE program come from different sources such as damaged stock, consumer returns and defect machines. Once collected, coffee machines are carefully assessed to see if they can be refurbished or not. If they can be refurbished, they will be inspected, cleaned and repaired, if necessary, by trained technicians. Finally, when the coffee machines are ready, they are repackaged as part of the RELOVE program and put back on the market for a second life, thereby completing the full cycle of circularity.

As of today, Nespresso Canada is excited to accept selected Vertuo models as part of the launch phase of the RELOVE program. Club Members are invited to contact Nespresso’s Customer Services to confirm if their coffee machine is currently eligible for this program. The refurbished coffee machines are now available for purchase on Nespresso’s website and in selected Nespresso boutiques.

Certified B Corp, Nespresso is committed to being part of the solution when it comes to social and environmental responsibility, especially with regard to circularity, climate and communities. If you would like to learn more about the RELOVE program, visit your nearest Nespresso boutique or go to https://www.nespresso.com/ca.