From the popularity of tiny houses to Airbnbs’, the home continues to evolve with our changing times creating different demands on the four walls we call home. As of late – the 2020 Pandemic has required homeowners to retreat inwards, effectually contributing to a rise in home renovations. According to Melanna Giannakis (Meridan Credit Union, Brand Manager), “People want more room and more space — home offices with nice backdrops for video conferencing, for example, home gyms, finished basements, backyards pools…. They want their own little hideaway they can hunker down in.” [CBC].

It was this need that inspired interior designer and media personality, Lisa Kooistra, to bring POD LIV-ing to Canada. Marrying Lisa’s design prowess with her husband (Ryan Kooistra of York Renovation & Design) construction acumen, they have embarked on their first of many LIV Pod developments. Throughout Europe and in the USA, POD systems have served as extensions of home – increasing in popularity over the previous decade. Whether as a home office, gym, meditation space, yoga room, or teenage sanctuary for video gamers and band practice – the possibilities become as enticing as they are endless.

A central attribute to POD LIV-ing is how they bridge indoor and outdoor living. We know that nowadays most professionals are adapting to the struggles of home-work-life. LIV Founder and Designer, Lisa Kooistra, shares that her pods create the needed separation while inviting the calmness of outdoors into our work spaces. In her words, “Pods are more of a lifestyle that grow and evolve with each persons needs and create a positive environment to be creative and work in.”

This Ontario-based Pod [featured left] is the first of many future LIV Pod systems to be built. Kooistra designed the space to function as a personal home office.. Built in partnership with her husband, Ryan Kooistra of York Renovation & Designs, the design incorporates modern architecture with plenty of white space to create an open, light atmosphere. With cabinetry, shelving, convenient espresso bar, and two desks, the space truly expresses the meeting of design and function in Lisa’s vision for the LIV Pods.