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3 Reasons Above-Ground Pools Are Smart First Step into the Pool Lifestyle


With pool season officially just a few months away for much of the U.S., Leslie’s, the nation’s leading pool and spa care brand, today shared the top reasons why an above-ground pool is a smart initial solution for homeowners and families wanting to dive into the pool lifestyle.

The experts at Leslie’s also offer useful tips when purchasing an above-ground pool, as well as details of its Presidents Day Weekend Sale, where an array of hard-walled and soft-sided above-ground pools are on sale. This includes the popular Weekender Pool Kit model, aptly named because it can be installed in a single weekend.

“Above-ground pools are the perfect entry point into the pool lifestyle because of their affordability, easy installation, flexibility, and portability,” said Kim Tokarski, Category Director for Pool Lifestyle Products at Leslie’s. “For people looking for the benefits of a backyard pool – whether it’s recreation, relaxation, or entertainment – above-ground pools are a great starter option.”

3 Reasons to Start with an Above-Ground Pool

Affordability: Above-ground pools are more affordable than traditional inground pools, because they don’t typically involve backyard excavation and costly construction. In 2022, the average cost of an inground pool was $66,500, which is nearly 20 times the cost of an average above-ground pool.

Ease of Installation: Above-ground pools are easier and quicker to install. Most are packaged as kits, which can be installed in a few days – or over a weekend – by just two people with basic tools. This speedy assembly means families can start enjoying the pool lifestyle more quickly, according to Tokarski.

Flexibility/Portability: Above-ground models come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a range of backyard spaces. In addition, soft-side versions are fairly portable and can be dismantled and moved to other locations throughout the yard – or even to another home in the event of a move.

“With the mobility of above-ground pools, especially the soft-side versions, a homeowner can try out various spaces in their backyard to see what location may be best when considering privacy, lines of sight from the home – which is important for safety – as well as sun and shade desires, among other factors,” Tokarski said.

When making a purchase decision on an above-ground pool, top considerations include the size and shape, which is often dictated by the yard location – flat land is necessary. Another consideration includes the pool height, which is measured from the ground to the top rail of the pool. The most common above-ground pool height is 48 inches to 52 inches. Taller 54-inch pools are well-suited for older children and adults, while lower heights are better for families with younger children.

Just as with inground pools, a pool pump and filter system is required, and this equipment typically comes with the above-ground pool kit. Weekly comprehensive water testing and treatment is also important to maintain clean, safe, and clear pool water. Leslie’s helps take the guesswork out of water care with its in-store AccuBlue water testing, which takes just 60 seconds to deliver a comprehensive 10-point water test, a pool health score, and a corresponding customized water treatment plan. AccuBlue in-store water testing is available for free at all Leslie’s 1,000-plus stores nationwide, and Leslie’s in-store experts can help pool owners find the chemicals needed for the easy-to-follow water treatment plan.