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Fireplaces for Kris Kringle’s Big Night

Create a cozy holiday feel — and ease Santa’s way in — with the right fireplace


In many ways, the fireplace is the centrepiece of holiday traditions.

It’s where chestnuts are roasted over an open fire. Stockings are hung there with care. It is the home of the burning Yule log. It is a source of warmth and comfort when the days are short and the nights are long and cold.

And, as popularized in the classic Clement Cark Moore poem A Visit From St. Nicholas, the fireplace is the main point of entry for that endearing symbol of the secular celebration, jolly old Santa Claus.

There was a time when fireplaces were in every home, both as the source of heat and as a place to cook. But as the world urbanized, they became less common. But modern innovations have made it easy for any home of any size to have a fireplace as a focal point of your living space — and once again a central part of the holiday celebration.

Among the choices with a great holiday vibe:

  • Traditional Wood Burning — The OG fireplace, and why Clement Clark Moore’s St. Nick had clothes that were tarnished with ashes and soot. The Napoleon High Country has a classic look, with ample space for Santa to get in and out. It blends its traditional feel with modern innovation that includes a catalytic converter (yes, just like a car!) to achieve the lowest emissions possible.
  • Modern Gas — Safe, convenient, efficient and effective, gas fireplaces will add a little cozy to any room. The Ascent Series has a classic look and feel to it, giving off the feel that Santa could come tumbling down at any moment. They have a wide and deep appearance, and look their best nestled into a mantle.
  • Electric — With no need to exhaust smoke via a vent or chimney, electric fireplaces ensure any room in any home can be outfitted with a fireplace. For a good holiday feel, the Element Series offers a traditional look, with an impressive flame pattern and glowing log set, it not only warms a room, but becomes a focal point — especially when its mantle is festooned with stockings and garland.

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