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Welcome to the only furnace that includes COVID-19 killing technology

Napoleon® gas furnaces include advanced killer Phillips UV-C technology that eradicates viruses and other airborne pathogens … 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

COVID-19 killing technology

If nothing else, the COVID-19 pandemic has made people much more clued in about safety and cleanliness in their daily lives. 

That should also extend to the air in our homes … and it does with Canadian-made Napoleon® furnaces. 

“An inadequate heating and cooling system can create a risky situation in a home,” says Stephen Schroeter, co-Chief Executive Officer of Napoleon®. “Pathogens like viruses, bacteria and other airborne contaminants can re-circulate and be transferred between rooms. But with a furnace with Phillips Ultraviolet-C technology, that kills pathogens like COVID-19, everyone will breathe cleaner, safer, fresher air.” 

For the past decade, Napoleon® gas furnaces have been doing this. Napoleon® proudly makes highly efficient furnaces to keep you comfortable and they include a unique virus-killing UV-C sanitization system called HOMESHIELDTM. This is the same technology used in hospitals to kill all viruses and pathogens quickly

No other manufacturer offers this technology inside a furnace; only Napoleon® uses the UV-C wavelength light.  This ultraviolet light does not occur naturally on Earth due to the filtering effect of the atmosphere.  Germicidal UV-C light is super powerful and breaks down DNA, damaging and killing viruses and bacteria.

HOMESHIELDTM produces the UV-C ‘killer effect’ safely inside the furnace, to sterilize the air inside, stopping the spread of harmful viruses, molds, bacteria, parasites and allergens.  And it works silently 24 hours a day as the furnace is heating, cooling or circulating air.

“For more than a decade Napoleon® has been doing this,” says Mr. Schroeter. “Due to surging demand in the last three months, we are ramping up production of our unique technology that kills pathogens as air cycles through a home about 50,000 times a year.”  

Napoleon® gas furnaces are proudly designed for Canadian winters.  With HOMESHIELDTM UV-C technology, and a modular design for quick servicing calls, Napoleon® furnaces give people confidence in an HVAC system that is superior and distinct to all others – engineered and manufactured in Barrie Ontario.  For more information, please check out  www.Napoleon.com.