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2024’s Best Cities for Spa Lovers


Which cities offer the best options for booking a relaxing spa day?

With the global wellness tourism industry expected to hit a record $1 trillion in 2024, Pool Gnome ranked 2024’s Best Cities for Spa Lovers.

We compared nearly 500 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 3 categories. We looked at the number of spas, average consumer ratings, and local demand, among 6 total metrics.

See the 10 best (and 10 worst) cities for spa lovers below, followed by key takeaways. (Don’t see your city below? Check out the full ranking.)

Overall Rank CityStateOverall ScoreAccess RankQuality RankDemand Rank
1New YorkNY83.51181
2Los AngelesCA69.59212
4Las VegasNV55.564912
5San DiegoCA51.29528

Key Insights:

Big, glamorous cities — such as New York (No. 1), Los Angeles (No. 2), and Houston (No. 3) — landed at the top of our ranking with abundant high-quality spas, and plenty of residents seeking a zen moment.

California dominated with 70 cities relaxing in the top half of our ranking. The bountiful spas in Los Angeles, San Diego (No. 5), and Sacramento (No. 23) stand out with average consumer ratings above 4 stars. Smaller cities like Santa Maria (No. 49), Fairfield (No. 72), and Bellflower (No. 86) might have fewer spas to choose from, but their average ratings are above 4.5.

Sunny Southern cities impress with plenty of spas and high local Demand. 25 Florida, 18 Texas, and 11 North Carolina cities finished in the top half of our ranking, with many offering numerous top-rated spas.

Connecticut cities distinctly lack access to spa treatments, with only one city — Danbury (No. 242) — scoring in the better half of our ranking. With few top-rated spas, Hartford (No. 308), New Haven (No. 368), Bridgeport (No. 446), and Stamford (No. 472) likely disappoint locals with higher-than-average Demand for a spa day.