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Best Winter Road Trips For Those With Wanderlust In Their Veins


In Canada we embrace our seasons. From the blooming spring to the sunshiny summers, the colourful fall to the snow-kissed winters, Canada has some of the most captivating landscapes in the world that change drastically and majestically from season to season.

Road tripping through these incredible destinations in the winter showcases unparalleled views of the frozen lakes, snow-covered trees, and snow-capped mountains, acting as a brilliant backdrop for your trip.

With the help of the experts at OK Tire, we’ve rounded up the best winter road trips. If you have wanderlust pumping through your veins, these are the routes you need to take! 

Icefields Parkway – Jasper to Banff 

Photo Courtesy: Curtis Temple via Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

Stretching through the Canadian Rockies, the Icefields Parkway connects Jasper and Banff. The over 200-kilometer highway provides some of the most scenic roadside views—from ancient glaciers, cascading waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, stunning lakes, and vast valleys, the journey is breathtaking. The Canadian Rockies showcase Canada’s great outdoors and are home to some of the most beautiful landscapes. Plan to make pit stops at some of the picturesque places along the way including Lake Louise, Columbia Icefield, and Athabasca Falls. 

This drive is stunning year-round but the snow-kissed geography that the Canadian winter provides is breathtaking. 

Canadian Badlands – Calgary to Drumheller Valley 

Photo Courtesy: Dan Schykulski via Travel Alberta

The Canadian Badlands are otherworldly. Taking in the renown hoodoo rock formations will transport you back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Stop at the Horseshoe Canyon to really appreciate the incredible geology of the prehistoric region. 

From the steep cliffs to the mountainscape, if you do this drive in the winter you’ll feel as though you’re in your own Ice Age movie–—especially when you reach Drumheller Valley, also known as Dinosaur Valley. 

Northwest Territories – Alaska Highway to Fort Simpson

Photo Courtesy: Spectacular Northwest Territories

Seemingly forgotten, the Northwest Territories provides some of the most scenic, untouched wildernesses. Drive up the Alaska Highway to the Dempster Highway and head towards Fort Simpson. For a cool experience, the lakes and rivers freeze over in the winter and become ice roads, weaving through the different regions of the Northwest Territories. 

Although darkness settles in over the territories from early-December until mid-January, a late-January or February road trip will call for some jaw-dropping views. Bonus: the Northwest Territories is the mecca for the aurora borealis so get ready to witness the most memorizing natural light show dancing through the night sky. 

Ontario Gorges and Waterfalls – Hamilton to Elora 

Photo Courtesy: Elora Mill

Although exploring waterfalls is typically believed to be reserved for the summer months, this is simply preposterous. Waterfalls and gorges take on a whole new look and feel in the winter months that is equally captivating and beautiful. Throw on your warmest layers and explore the various Hamilton waterfalls during the day before heading to Elora to explore the gorge—maybe even try winter zip-lining. Warm up at the Elora Inn for dinner overlooking the beautiful snowy scenery. 

Every road trip needs a playlist, so before heading out on the snowy roads, download the Spotify playlist curated by OK Tire’s specialists. As you cruise through the Winter Wonderland that is Canada’s great outdoors, you’ll be feeling calm and cozy with these tunes and your seat warmers blasting!