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Hotel Zed Victoria Unveils Groovy $6M Renovation for 10th Anniversary


Hotel Zed Victoria, the flagship property of the funky, retro-themed B.C. Hotel Zed chain, has completed a radical $6 million renovation, reimagining the hotel with an immersive 1970s design. 

The extensive makeover celebrates Hotel Zed’s 10th anniversary and has been finalized in time for summer season and a one-of-a-kind travel experience to Victoria. Gone are the bright bubble gum colours and 1960s Palm Springs vibes that previously defined the property. In their place, guests will find a swanky, 1970s-inspired aesthetic that transports travellers back to the era of shag carpets and lava lamps. As usual, the rebels at Hotel Zed have made sure that their property is outrageously unordinary by installing a vintage Chevy Greenbrier on their lobby roof this summer. 

CEO Mandy Farmer was personally involved in the new design of Hotel Zed Victoria and the remodelling of each of the hotel’s hangout spaces and rooms. Farmer spent months sourcing the art and treasures that bring life to the place. “We’ve taken Hotel Zed’s retro experience to the next level with this renovation,” said Mandy Farmer. “I scoured thrift stores and worked with sellers nationwide to curate an authentic 1970s feel throughout the entire property.” 

The centrepiece of the new Hotel Zed Victoria is the retro-chic lobby and That 70s Basement lounge area featuring vintage décor with a bar and pool tables. But the time machine doesn’t stop there. The radical 1980s are also represented for the first time by a new limited number of rooms that channel Miami Vice vibes with colourful photogenic items, such as vibrant pink and turquoise neon lights, disco balls and murals reminiscent of the iconic T.V. series. 

“When we first launched Hotel Zed a decade ago, we wanted to rebel against the ordinary hotel experience,” added Farmer, who created the brand as an experiential cousin to her other hotel chain, Accent Inns, a family business she took over in 2008. “This Hotel Zed renovation doubles down on that vision and creates a unique, unforgettable stay for visitors to Victoria.” 

The remodelled Hotel Zed Victoria is now open for reservations at hotelzed.com/Victoria/.