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The Best Travel Companion Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Taking On Holiday


Labradoodles top the list as being the best dog breed to take on holiday, according to new research1 by dog-friendly lettings agents Canine Cottages, which analysed social media data.

Following a rise in pet ownership in recent years, dog-friendly holidays have become increasingly more popular. In fact, Canine Cottages reports that bookings with dogs are up by 36%3 year on year.

The study consisted of sentiment analysis of social media data, looking at the UK’s most popular dog breeds alongside relevant terms for key travel traits such as; adaptability to new environments, how much they enjoy long walks and compatibility with other pets.

If you’re looking for a pooch to take on lots of adventures, below is the top 10 list of travel companion breeds:

  1. Labradoodle
  2. Bichon frise
  3. Boston terrier
  4. Samoyed
  5. Pug
  6. Shih Tzu
  7. Golden retriever
  8. Border terrier
  9. Cocker spaniel
  10. Pomeranian

So, what makes these breeds so perfect for taking on holiday? Canine Cottages has teamed up with canine behaviourist, Dr Emma Scales-Theobald, to find out more about the breeds.


Known to be a friendly and social breed, Dr Emma describes labradoodles as being ‘loveable, laid-back and confident’ as well as ’highly trainable and responsive to commands, making them easier to teach obedience skills such as how to settle and relax in a café or pub while you’re on holiday’. For those looking for a dog to take on long hikes, you’ll also be pleased to know that labradoodles love to explore and embark on new adventures.

Bichon frise

If browsing around independent shops and stopping off for regular coffee breaks is more your thing, the bichon frise could be the perfect pooch for you. According to Dr Emma, this small, fluffy and friendly dog ‘tends to be very sociable and adaptable and usually great when meeting new people’. Due to their small size, bichon frise’ make car journeys much easier too.

Boston terrier

In at number three, Boston terriers are affectionate and friendly little dogs that are known to be great companions due to their easy-going nature. Dr Emma says: ‘Boston terriers usually adapt well to new environments, meaning they’ll have no problem settling into a holiday cottage, as long as they have their owner by their side’. They also have a sweet, playful side, meaning that they’re always up for seeking out new, fun dog-friendly activities.

Dr Emma’s top travel tips

Below, Dr Emma shares her top tips on how to have a fun and safe holiday with your dog:

  • Be sure to book accommodation that is suitable for your dog and their needs. A property with lots of stairs might not be safest for an elderly dog and large breeds will likely need open plan living or a large garden.
  • For dogs that are only used to short car journeys, try to practice a few longer car rides ahead of your trip.
  • To help dogs settle in the car, turn on the air con or open the window to let some fresh air in. Calming aids such as pheromone sprays can also be helpful for anxious dogs.
  • To avoid any motion sickness, feed your dog a couple of hours before setting off to give them time to digest their food and take them for a longer walk to tire them out as this will help them sleep during the trip.
  • If you have an anxious or nervous dog, consider booking a more remote holiday in the countryside as this will allow your dog (and you!) to switch off.
  • Take your dog’s bed, blanket and favourite toys to remind them of the smell of home as this will provide comfort and help them to settle and relax in a new environment.

Commenting on the study, Sarah Pring, PR manager at Canine Cottages, says; “Most of the breeds included in the top 10 list tend to have quite a relaxed, easy-going nature. With labradoodles being such a popular breed right now, we can understand why their fun and friendly personality makes them the perfect travel companion.

“With so many dog-friendly activities, pubs and cafes now available in the UK, it’s great to see that more and more people are taking their dogs on holiday. The increase in booking data clearly shows that dog-friendly holidays will continue to be a priority as we head into 2024.”

You can find the full list of tips and advice from Dr Emma about travelling with your dog on the Canine Cottages website here: https://www.caninecottages.co.uk/guides/the-best-dog-breeds-to-travel-with