The arrival of September means back to the books for many but it also means new or inexperienced drivers are hitting the road. While many people are still working and learning from home those who are not are opting to drive personal vehicles over using public transportation to get to work and school and an influx of inexperienced drivers on the road is expected.

The auto experts at OK Tire want to help in making this back to school season safe for all Canadians. They have offered their top tips on how new and inexperienced drivers can keep themselves, their passengers and neighbours safe as they hit the road this September.

  1. Know your vehicle – Familiarising yourself with all of the buttons, including your AC, heating and wipers means you will know where they are when you need them quickly and will prevent you from taking your eyes off the road. Learning the basics of how your vehicle works inside and out will help to avoid panic if something goes wrong.
  2. Plan your route – While you may know where you want to go and how to get there planning your route ahead of time means you won’t run into one-way streets or turning restrictions. Using driving aids, such as GPS or Google Maps, to review your route before you set out helps in avoiding traffic and construction zones that can add extra stress but remember to keep your eyes on the road and not your device!
  3. Talk to a professional – As a novice driver, there are things you might not notice that could be detrimental to your vehicle’s performance or overall safety, for example, poor ride control could also mean a reduced braking distance. If you want to have peace of mind that your car is in tip-top condition having a routine maintenance check will ensure your vehicle is performing its best and give you confidence before you head out.
  4. Avoid distractions – We all know distracted driving has been the cause of many accidents so make sure you avoid getting into bad habits now. Keep your phone tucked away, pull over if you need to eat or drink, keep music to a level where you can still easily hear surrounding sounds and only offer rides to people you trust will respect your position as a new driver and won’t make you nervous.