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Rearrange the Furniture & Give a Room New Perspective


Sometimes all a room needs is a new perspective. Take a good look around your space, whether that is the living room, dining room, family room or bedroom. Can the furniture be moved around to create a new vignette? Is the room overcrowded and in need of editing? What about that vintage buffet in the dining room that never gets used… wouldn’t it look super painted and moved to the family room as a re-purposed but very functional long stand for the new wide screen television? The storage within can be used to tidy up games, puzzles and video games that often clutter a family space.

Budget buster tip: Always try to use existing furniture before running out to purchase new pieces. Most homeowners are oblivious to how much stuff is hidden in their homes, and this is a great way to save money, reduce space clutter and give one or more rooms a whole new look.