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Turn the Lights Down Low – Bedroom Lighting for Any Room


When re-modelling or re-designing your room comes into play, new ideas can bring exciting inspiration to try something innovative. Lighting can instantly change the mood of any space and for the bedroom – where you spend typically 8 hours each night, create a space you love for the time you are there.

Here are some fun new ways to light up your room:

1. Spot lighting – For all the outdoors and camping lovers – with 7e2c5da25e5a89f04fa598834e6e4996lighting available at Amazon.com you can now order these spot lights to create a starry night sky effect so you can sleep under the stars every night.

2. Classic chandelier – When paired with rustic inspired 42f5723570eb9802a2408c7e616a7ce7décor, chandeliers bring a warm and cozy quality to a bedroom. Try checking out a consignment store near you or find re-worked vintage chandeliers on Etsy.ca.

3. Unique fixtures – Contribute to the 48966f32161b55d672200cd75f481e3daesthetic of your bedroom with nature inspired light fixtures. Steer from basic lighting and bring in an inspiring element to your space. Try models available at Homesense.

Here are more examples of these three styles: