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Beatbot Becomes the Top-Selling High-End Robotic Pool Cleaner


Beatbot, the brand revolutionizing robotic pool cleaners, announces the momentous success of the Beatbot AquaSense Pro, which saw its first 1,000 pre-order units selling out in just over 20 days. Since its opening sale on February 26th, the AquaSense Pro has consistently ranked as the top-selling robotic pool cleaner in the high-end market segment (over $1,500), with its sales volume surpassing other veteran robot options according to Sif, an Amazon Seller platform. This unprecedented growth is solidifying Beatbot’s position as the fastest-growing brand in the market. The brand also achieved top three status in terms of popularity on social media among robotic pool cleaner brands in only three months. The AquaSense Pro gained online and consumer popularity for its specialty features, like 5-in-1 cleaning capability and auto-return to water surface that haven’t previously been utilized in the industry.

When it comes to reasons behind the success Beatbot has garnered, CEO and founder of the company, Siler Wang shared that, “Central to Beatbot’s rise in consumer popularity is its consumer-centric product development and foundation of innovation. We’ve observed that the primary users of this category are predominantly homeowners who are well-educated and have achieved high levels in their careers, often holding prominent positions in management or being professionals. They have respect for innovation and a desire to purchase the top new products and technologies.” Siler continued, saying, “‘On one hand, this provides a more open environment for the entire industry. On the other hand, the highly regarded consumer base also provides well-informed feedback that nurtures a path forward for pool cleaning. We feel fortunate and honored to serve such an audience and thrilled to maintain our goal of valuing a user-centric design and product innovation.”

Revolutionary Technology Products Pave the Way for Success 

Beatbot AquaSense Pro, the world’s first five-in-one cordless robotic pool cleaner, is equipped with smart chips, 20 sensors, and nine motors — including a patented brushless main pump motor — equipping the system to deliver unmatched cleaning efficiency. Key innovations of the AquaSense Pro include the industry’s first water clarifier dispenser, smart return and surface parking capabilities, simulated flight propulsion design, and CleverNav™ advanced path planning. These groundbreaking features set the AquaSense Pro apart from competitors, offering consumers a comprehensive pool cleaning solution that’s never been available before. Capable of cleaning floors, walls, waterlines, surfaces and clarifying water in a single product, Beatbot’s AquaSense Series takes an innovative approach to addressing identified pool maintenance pain points. 

The ongoing success of Beatbot inspires continuous optimizations and upgrades based on user feedback. Beatbot is celebrating National Pool Opening Day on April 27th by offering $330 OFF Beatbot AquaSense Pro and $200 OFF Beatbot AquaSense. Experience superior pool cleaning technology and discover more about the Beatbot AquaSense series at Beatbot’s official website and Amazon.