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Introducing Plantd Life, Thoughtfully Curated Interior Plant Design


Spring is here and so are the blossoms, greenery and new beginnings. Imagine being able to enjoy the positive effects of renewal and plant therapy provided by beautiful, live plants inside your environment all year long and better yet, having them thoughtfully curated and cared for too. Introducing Plantd Life.

Plantd Life is dedicated to elevating and enhancing residential and commercial spaces with thoughtfully curated interior plant design. Plantd Life offers bespoke plant design solutions tailored to the unique needs and aesthetic preferences of its clients. 

Conceived as a passion project, plant designer Tara Soloway has organically grown Plantd Life into a forward-thinking plant design consultancy in Toronto. 

“I first developed my love of houseplants at an early age from my father, a garden enthusiast with a green thumb,” says Tara Soloway. “Growing up in a home filled with plants, the green seed was definitely planted early.”  After selling her destination wedding and event company, Tara embarked on this new journey to share her love of nature and beauty with others in an authentic way. Tara believes in the biophilic concept that plants are vital to a healthy home or workspace.

Plantd Life offers a comprehensive range of services that span residential and commercial projects. Approaching each project holistically, home design and installation services are customized to fit the unique needs of each individual project, taking into consideration factors such as natural lighting, aesthetics, and the overarching vision of the space.

With a keen eye for detail, Tara and her team hand-select and thoughtfully source plants and planters, focusing on local growers with the aim of minimizing their environmental footprint. The plants are potted and installed within the environment, and a full plant care guide is provided. If clients are concerned about their plant care abilities, Plantd Life provides plant maintenance and refresh services that include watering, pruning, cleaning, fertilizing, and pest management. Seasonal snowbird packages are also available.  Residential services extend beyond the city — there is no better place to bring the outside in than at the cottage. Plantd Life can outfit a cottage or country home with tailored indoor plants, herbs, and greenery to make it feel as beautiful inside as the outdoors.

Moving from home to office, Plantd Life works with businesses across sectors including retail and hospitality to curate the right plants to style any space. They introduce stylish, creative, and energizing greenery into workplaces, reinforcing the science that being surrounded by plants makes employees happier, more productive, and reduces absenteeism. 

Above all else, Plantd Life deeply believes in the concept of biophilia — the innate human tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Tara and her team work closely with wellness partners to enhance spaces using biophilic design while helping to bridge the gap between evidence-based science and everyday awareness to elevate mental health as a core value in the built environment. They create special plant-filled wellness rooms for teams, where staff can decompress, take a break, and immerse themselves in nature. Other services offered by Plantd Life include: gifting (for housewarming, hostess, and corporate occasions), pop-ups and events (private and experiential), home staging, and plant care services for when you’re traveling. For more information, please visit plantdlife.com.