Today, ShadeCraft launched Suntable, the latest of its product series inspired by, and designed for, outdoor living, on Kickstarter. Suntable is a solar-powered portable table featuring wireless charging capabilities and Bluetooth speakers. It’s a smart design accessory, priced accessibly to complement the outdoor or indoor life experience in time for summer 2020.

“Suntable is a solution for consumers worldwide who are looking for a portable speaker that can live outdoors and charge their mobile devices while being responsible towards the future of our planet,” said Armen Gharabegian, founder of ShadeCraft. “This product exemplifies our mission to improve human life outdoors by combining 360 degrees of sound by JBL with technology and industrial design that creates a shaded area for your mobile device. We are hoping that Suntable will not only enhance the consumers experience of the outdoors, but will also do its part by reducing the carbon footprint.”

As modern day living spaces call for smart-home technology, ShadeCraft responds to that demand with intuitive technology and sophisticated designs. Suntable is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious, reducing energy consumption by harnessing the power of the sun to charge devices. With multiple patents pending, Suntable is equipped with a shaded area to protect electronic devices from sunlight and overheating, so phones will remain cool while charging wirelessly or via the integrated USB port. Rounding out its impressive features, Suntable includes high-quality Bluetooth speakers with sound by JBL.

Suntable is available for pre-order starting at $299 by visiting the campaign at