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Tan France Uses Elegant L’Atelier Paris Kitchen Range as Focal Point for New Salt Lake City Home


When it comes to kitchen design, we’re seeing new trends emerge from week to week, yet amidst this whirlwind of change, one timeless element stands unwavering: the importance of a captivating focal point. Tan France showcases the pinnacle of culinary elegance with a centerpiece that transcends mere functionality—the kitchen range by L’Atelier Paris Haute Design in his new Salt Lake City home. Uniquely, L’Atelier Paris perfectly blends French design aesthetics with the practicalities of American culinary habits, by sourcing European components, while still manufacturing its custom-made ranges in the USA. 

Originally the design concept for Tan’s kitchen started with a standard 63″ range, but once he discovered the full potential of customization with L’Atelier Paris, it evolved into a stunning 110″ bespoke range adorned with the brand’s signature noir gloss finish and burnished brass trim. Tailored to fit within a meticulously crafted wood-framed niche, in a space where every detail tells a story of family dreams realized, this gorgeous range is outfitted with six gas burners, an electric smooth griddle, and twin electric convection ovens. Offering more space for entertaining and cooking, the range seamlessly integrates into L’Atelier Paris’s exclusive brushed stainless steel countertop, making it the perfect example of the brand’s commitment to innovation. 

All of L’Atelier’s ranges are designed for clients who love to host gatherings for family and friends, with these ranges acting as the heartbeat of the home, similar to Tan’s home. When viewing Tan’s kitchen, your eyes are immediately drawn to the range and surrounding cabinetry, offering an elegant and classic design, perfectly creating a kitchen that caters to his family’s love of cooking and interest in entertaining.