The online interior design platform Modsy just released its 2021 Trend Report, which is chock-full of COVID-inspired interior design trends, emerging style predictions for next year, product sales comparison insights, and survey data from thousands of people across the U.S. 

Some high-level insights in the report include: 

  • With all the time being spent at home, people are using their homes to show off their personalities. Thus, eclectic style has risen in popularity by 13%. 
  • The percentage of Modsy customers designing a nursery in June 2020 was 40% higher than the 2020 average. And sales in the baby/kids product category grew 60% from June 2019 to June 2020. Does that mean the COVID-19 baby boom is real?
  • Home offices were on the rise, with home office furniture sales tripling in April 2020 vs April 2019. Consumers (25%) reported lighting as being the most important component of the home office, followed by quietness/soundproofing (20%) and ergonomic furniture (18%).
  • Mid-Century remains popular, as the style’s clean lines and flexibility make it ideal for small spaces.
  • Traditional style rose 6% in popularity, while classic style grew 11%, despite these styles being consistently the least popular among Modsy customers in the past. 
  • Storage furniture and accent chairs were among the most popular products Modsy customers purchased in 2020. Main seating purchases rose in May, with customers spending an average of 4% more on main seating furniture that month.
  • 69% of people engaged in a home redesign project in 2020, with many customers opting to reorganize, move, or change the aesthetic of their spaces.

In 2021, Modsy expects the desire for nostalgia to increase, with Grandmillennial style taking hold. The site also expects bold wall colors, which perhaps remind people of hotels and restaurants, to make way into homes.

To read the full report, go to Modsy’s website