Ethan Allen will be launching a new customizable furniture collection, Lucy by Ethan Allen.  Named after the youngest member of the Allen family, the Lucy by Ethan Allen collection is a customizable 33-piece mid-century-inspired ensemble of upholstered furniture, pillows, and fabrics. Playing to modern aesthetics fashioned from influences from around the world, Lucy by Ethan Allen was born to meet the needs of the current design zeitgeist. The collection is innovative, grounded in neoclassical roots, and embodies a much-needed youthful versatility providing a made-to-order design experience from top to bottom.

Lucy by Ethan Allen offers custom capabilities across 22 sofas, eight chairs, three ottomans, and two pillow styles. With 32 solid and 20 patterned stain-resistant fabrics, as well as a variety of arm, leg, and back styles, the collection can be adapted to suit a range of tastes and feel unique to each home. Upholding the Ethan Allen values of exemplary design, service, and craftsmanship,  Lucy by Ethan Allen embraces an accessible price point and lively demeanor. 

The collection ranges in price from $50 – $1,900, and will be available late summer/early fall regionally through Ethan Allen stores throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.