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Stunning Design and Bespoke Craftsmanship


​​​​​​Inspired by the properties of crystals and gemstones, the Luminescence Collection is Design Pretty’s signature product line, created to cast a soothing glow over the home while adding sophistication, style and whimsy. Designer Oneka Benn Schwartz, from Design Pretty, is releasing a brand-new lighting collection, each table lamp handcrafted by the designer herself. The Luminescence Collection will be released on May 31,2019. 

Design Pretty is known for helping people brighten their homes with intention. For the first time, Oneka has created an entire lighting collection utilizing her favorite crystals and gemstones. The collection will be exclusively sold on DESIGNPRETTY.COM and Design Pretty’s Etsy Shop, where the limited product line is scheduled to sell out by the end of the season. The Luminescence Table Lamps are designed to showcase natural crystals with properties that evoke all of the positive feelings a person would desire in their home. With the popularity of crystals in home decoration today, Design Pretty thought it important for their customer to utilize the functionality of the lamps while benefiting from the properties of its gemstones. These table lamps are made from crystals such as selenite and quartz, which are revered for their grounding energy. The Serenity Lamp, made from a single amethyst cluster, is not only beautiful but evokes the healing properties amethysts are known for. The collection also includes rose quartz which is renowned for attracting love of self and familial love to the home.  

Each individual lamp is named for a healing property related to the crystal from which it is made. A few examples are: 

•   The Devotion Table Lamp, made from Rough Rose Quartz $2,000.00

•   The Immaculate Table Lamp, Made from Selenite $1,200.00

•   The Sincerity Table Lamp, Made from Smokey Citrine, $850.00

•   The Haven Table Lamp, Made from Smokey Quartz, $850.00

•   The Serenity Table Lamp, Made from Amethyst Clusters, $750.00