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IKEA launches the ÖMSESIDIG collection exploring festivities in Latin America


IKEA has brought nine Latin American creatives together to interpret traditions of celebration across Latin America. The result is ÖMSESIDIG, a limited-edition collection consisting of 30 products that help set the mood for celebrations and gatherings. The products ranging from glass and tableware to decorations and textiles will be available in store and online at IKEA Canada from April 2023.

ÖMSESIDIG is a new IKEA collection on celebration that explores traditions of coming together and culture in Latin America, in collaboration with local creatives from Mexico, Chile and Colombia who each bring their rich perspectives to it. 

IKEA is always curious to learn more about life at home in various parts of the world. Entering new markets in Latin America allows for IKEA to learn new expressions and perspectives in working with design. With ÖMSESIDIG, IKEA connects directly with local creatives from a variety of fields including design, fashion, art, food, and architecture. This ambition is expressed through the collection name: ÖMSESIDIG means “mutual” in Swedish, representing the mutual curiosity between IKEA and the artists to create and learn from each other.

“We were curious to learn what would happen when different traditions in culture, crafts and expressions mashed up with the avant-garde scene of design, fashion, food, architecture and art. The result is a vibrant collection that celebrates the diverse talents of our collaborators, where each creative brings their own rich perspective and approach to their design, says Friso Wiersma, designer at IKEA of Sweden. 

 The 30-piece collection is comprised of products that encourage and help people celebrate and socialize around food and music, with a selection of items to set the atmosphere for a great time – no matter skillset, space, or budget constraints. It includes glass- and tableware, decorations, a candle holder, a stool, textiles, cushion covers and a cooler bag. It also includes two different unique versions of the FRAKTA as well as three different covers for the SYMFONISK picture frame with Wi-fi speaker.

The ÖMSESIDIG collection aims at capturing parts of the richness of Latin America’s different traditions in culture, craft, and expression – highlighting both the contrasts that are as diverse as the region’s population and the common elements that unify. The designs are based on each designer’s angle and approach. For Abel Cárcamo Segovia’s kitchen utensils, the curved shapes and free-flowing, organic lines were inspired by the cueca – the national dance of Chile.

“As I thought about what story I wanted to tell, I realised I wanted to spotlight the role of dancing in Chilean culture. I started thinking about how I could channel the movement and rhythm of the choreography in the traditional cueca to incorporate in my design”, says Abel Cárcamo Segovia, product Designer from Chile.  

The ÖMSESIDIG tablecloth by Nicolás Rivero brings a more quiet, melancholic imaginary to the collection, with cooler palettes inspired by the deep mountains of the Andes. Trini Guzmán’s and Diana Ordóñez’s contributions are of more colour, with textiles and decorations expressing bold and vivid patterns, taking inspiration from children’s play and vibrant carnival culture. 

 “I really love to use colours in all my art, to make people feel like they are also at a carnival with me. Colour is the energy that everybody brings to the party”, says Diana Ordóñez, artist from Colombia.

The contributions from Liliana Ovalle are made up of a stylish stool, a lime-shaped serving bowl as well as a carafe and glasses of mixed colours, designed to bring life and light to any gathering, drawing inspiration from her childhood memories of celebrations with family.

“My inspiration comes from preparations, music, and decorations strongly connected to Mexican traditions I grew up with, that make each gathering unique. This collaboration allowed me to explore that connection and develop playful designs that could evoke those lively moments, from lime-filled tables to the bits of colourful piñatas left after a party”, says Liliana Ovalle, product designer from Mexico.

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