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Transformer Table Announces New Round Dining Collection, The Most Elegant Multifunctional Furniture Yet


One of the fastest growing companies in Canada, Transformer Table, unveiled their latest furniture collection today with the launch of The Transformer Round Dining Collection. Comprising of a round to oval extendable dining table, an expandable bench, dining chairs, a buffet table, and stools with hidden storage, the new Transformer Round Dining Collection is the latest addition to the world of multifunctional, space-saving furniture, and the most elegant one yet. With smooth lines, natural wood finishing, and detailed vertical sliding featured on every piece in the collection, the pieces have a truly chic and elevated design that will look wonderful in even the trendiest of homes.

Like Transformer Table’s best-selling flagship product, the new Transformer Round Table can transform from a round table that seats two or four to a large oval dining table that seats ten. One, two, or three extension panels may be added to the round table to choose the desired size so the table can also be perfect for six, eight, or ten diners. The pedestal base also contains hidden storage compartments and removable shelves behind its curved walls.

Elegance redefined – The smooth, curved lines and carving details present on every piece in this collection make it one of the most luxurious options for multifunctional furniture ever seen. The presence of hidden storage compartments all throughout the collection also make this collection perfect for those who value clutter-free living and want to make use of every inch of space.

The Round Dining Collection is available in three finishes – Scandinavian Oak, Brazilian Sequoia, and Smoked Hickory. The wood finishes are rich and natural, perfect for those who want their home to have a refined feel and a luxurious look.

The Transformer Dining Chairs of the Round Dining Collection are available in three finish and fabric combinations that perfectly coordinate with the rest of the collection. The curve design of the backrest and the softness of the cushion are designed to be the most comfortable dining chair yet. The modern design of the chair also means that the chairs look great when not in use and nested against the table.

The expandable Round Bench with curved edges is the latest design innovation from Transformer Table. It can transform from a 3 ft. long bench to an 8 1⁄2 ft. one so it can suit different spaces and different needs. The round edges and vertical wooden slats make the bench look as elegant as it is functional.

Transformer Table’s first ever Buffet Table features radius corners and vertical wooden sliding on its walls for a refined, natural look. Behind its curved walls reveals multiple hidden drawers and storage compartments. The cabinets are large enough to store the round table extension panels or any other items you’d like to have on hand.

Storage, storage everywhere – the Round Dining Collection combines both functionality and style by featuring hidden storage compartments in almost every piece.The curved walls of the Round Table, Buffet conceal secret shelves and drawers so that things are in reach but completely out of sight. The uninterrupted curves provide a sense of luxury and fluidity. Transformer Table has always empowered its customers to maximize every inch of their space without sacrificing design and the Round Dining Collection empowers them to take that vision to a new level.

To learn more about the new Round Dining Collection, visit https://transformertable.com/pages/round-extendable-dining-table.