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Dads and Grad Gifts: top gift inspo from Google


Graduation season and Father’s Day are just around the corner, bringing a multitude of opportunities to celebrate the special dads and grads in our lives. Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, but Google has made it easier with a lineup of innovative products that combine cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design. Whether you’re looking to capture precious moments, enjoy high-quality audio, stay connected on the go, or enhance your smart home experience, Google’s latest offerings provide a range of options that are sure to impress. Here are some top picks to consider for your next gift, from the advanced Pixel 8 Pro smartphone to the versatile Pixel Tablet and more.

Pixel 8 Pro

  • Built with AI at the center for a more helpful and personal experience.
  • Packed with first-of-their-kind features, all powered by Google Tensor G3, with seven years of software updates, including Android OS upgrades, security updates and regular Feature Drops
  • Elegantly designed with softer silhouettes, beautiful metal finishes and recycled materials.
  • Pixel 8 Pro has a 6.7-inch Super Actua display feature and a matte glass back with a polished aluminum frame and comes in three colors: Bay, Obsidian and Porcelain.
  • Various camera lenses to capture high-quality photos, videos and selfies, even in low-light settings.
  • Every Pixel 8 Pro comes equipped with the following photo editors:
    • Magic Editor uses generative AI so you can reposition and resize subjects 
    • Audio Magic Eraser lets you easily reduce distracting sounds in your video.

Pixel Buds Pro

  • Pixel Buds Pro have custom-built 6-core audio chip for Active Noise Cancellation, and Silent Seal™ to adapt to your ear, to help maximize the amount of noise that’s canceled. 
  • With Multipoint connectivity, Pixel Buds Pro can automatically switch between your previously paired Bluetooth devices — including laptops, tablets, TVs, and Android and iOS phones.
  • Transparency mode lets ambient noise in so you can hear what’s going on around you 
  • Available in a soft matte finish and a two-tone design, with four color options: Coral, Lemongrass, Fog and Charcoal.
  • Pixel Buds Pro charge wirelessly and give you up to 11 hours of listening time or up to 7 hours with Active Noise Cancellation turned on

Pixel Watch 2

  • Pixel Watch 2 is designed for all-day (and night) wear, its housing is made from 100% recycled aluminum 
  • The quad-core CPU gives the watch up to 24 hours of battery life, and a faster charging rate that powers your watch to 50% in just 30 minutes
  • Pixel Watch 2 has three new sensors to give you deeper insights into your health. 
  • All the Fitbit features from the original Pixel Watch will still be on Pixel Watch 2 — like Daily Readiness Score, Sleep Profile, Sleep Score, Active Zone Minutes and 40 workout modes.
  • Compact with Fitbit’s Body Response feature, this sensor picks up on physical indicators of positive and negative stress, and will send you a notification.
  • Skin temperature sensor tracks at night to reveal insights into your sleep and monitor for changes in your overall wellness.
  • In addition to Fall Detection and Emergency SOS, Pixel Watch 2 brings Pixel’s most proactive safety features like Medical ID, Emergency Sharing and Safety Check
  • Pixel Watch 2 is the only smartwatch with all of Wear OS 4’s capabilities, which helps make your watch more customizable and easier to use.
  • With the new Gmail and Calendar apps, you can accept or decline events, and catch up on your inbox right from your wrist and you’ll be able to listen to podcasts on YouTube Music and check nearby place information in Google Maps.
  • There are plenty of ways to add some personal flair to your Pixel Watch 2 with six new watch face families, and bands you can swap out for any occasion. 

Pixel Tablet

  • The Pixel Tablet has a brilliant 11-inch display within an aluminum enclosure textured with our unique nano-ceramic coating, designed for entertainment and gaming. 
  • It’s paired with a Charging Speaker Dock to keep it charged up and ready to go, and becomes a helpful smart home device that you can use hands-free
  • You can easily move any track from your Google Pixel phone to your Pixel Tablet with Chromecast and fill your room with sound from the dock’s enhanced speaker
  • With your Pixel Tablet docked, quickly and easily check your Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam by tapping the Home icon.
  • The Pixel Tablet’s built-in camera can be used for Google Meet video calls.
  • The Pixel Tablet “Hub Mode” can display pictures, and a simple “Hey Google” can get music playing.  

Another gift that’s a no brainer gift for grads heading off to college or into final years of high school is the Chromebook Plus. With new built in AI and gaming features that make it easier to get things done, this lightweight laptop is the perfect companion for the student that is always on the go and looking to get their creative juices flowing.