Canadian Whisky is renowned around the world, and is particularly popular in the Great White North.

And for good reason. According to Dr. Don Livermore, the Master Blender the Hiram Walker and Sons Distillery in Windsor, a property of Corby Spirit and Wine Ltd., Canadian whisky is innovative, creative and adaptable.

Which makes it great for gifting around the holiday season.

However, at this time of year it is the thought that counts, and a little thought can take the gift of whisky from a simple bottle-in-a-gift-bag to something a little bit more, drawing in elements of whisky culture to complement the golden elixir within.

For example:

  • Cocktail Kit — Whether for a master mixologist, a home bar enthusiast or just a person who enjoys a nice whisky after a long week of work, a proper cocktail kit adds some flair and elegance to crafting favourite drinks. The basics of any cocktail kit should include a cocktail shaker, strainer, bar spoon and jigger.
  • Special Editions — Limited release whiskies not only taste great, they look even better in a home bar. They make a statement. The J.P. Wiser’s Alumni Whisky Series is perfect for the hockey fan on your list. Quantities may be limited, but choose from whiskies inspired by NHL greats such as Wendel Clark, Mark Messier, Lanny McDonald, Darryl Sittler, Larry Robinson, Yvon Cournoyer, Paul Coffey and Dave Keon. 
  • Cocktail Kits — It’s a pleasant surprise to get not just a bottle of your favourite whisky, but also the ingredients to blend it into your favourite cocktail. Or, you can take the mixology out of the equation with two of the most popular whisky cocktails of all time — a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned. Simply pour over ice, stir, garnish with a cherry and enjoy! The Cocktails & Cherries gift kit comes with a bottle of each pre-mixed cocktail and a jar of Jack Rudy X J.P. Wiser’s Canadian Cocktail Cherries.
  • Decanter — Admittedly, there is no real taste advantage to decanting a bottle of whisky. But it has an elegant and classy look to it, and makes you look like you are on top of your game. A gift pack including a decanter with a bottle of whisky is a memorable gift for any whisky lover.
  • Personal Touch — An ideal gift for the whisky collector on your list, Corby Spirit and Wine is offering the opportunity to engrave a personalized message on to the side of an award-winning bottle of J.P. Wiser’s 15 Year Old Canadian Whisky.
  • Swag — From hoodies to pullovers, toques to throw blankets, glassware to coasters, branded merchandise is not only functional, it also tells a story about the finer things you enjoy in life.