La Presserie is bringing a fresh new perspective to freshly-frozen juices and is expanding its availability in grocery stores and online across Ontario. As more consumers head to the frozen aisle in search of longer shelf lives, the brand is the first to offer frozen cold-pressed juice options that retain superior flavour and the integrity of its nutrients for up to a year frozen or 14 days refrigerated once thawed. The longevity of La Presserie’s unpasteurized, preservative-free juices is achieved through a proprietary flash-freezing process that harnesses nature’s fundamental pause button to ensure each sip is as fresh as the day it was pressed. 

To bottle the best of nature, La Presserie uses ingredients selected at the peak of ripeness, capturing the delicious and intense flavours of the harvest. Inspired by local markets and restaurants in the South of France, each small-batch recipe begins with only the highest quality fruits and vegetables, with no water, sugar, or preservatives ever being added to La Presserie products. 

The brand’s premium cold-pressed products include innovative combinations like Orange Passion Fruit with Canadian Maple Syrup, Pineapple Kale with Lemon and Fresh Turmeric Root and Pomegranate Raspberry with Strawberry. An outstanding choice to enjoy throughout the day or as a post-workout pick-me-up, La Presserie’s products also illustrate their versatility as an elevated mixer for hand-crafted cocktails and mocktails. 

For the little ones, La Presserie offers a line of kid-tested-and parent-approved juices and smoothies with options like Apple Cucumber, Pink Lemonade (with beets) and Blue Fruit Punch (with Jicama and Spirulina) which provide great flavour while sneaking in some veggies into every bottle. 

View the list of select fine retailers carrying La Presserie products here.