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Ooni Pizza Ovens Launches Next Generation Gas-Powered 24-inch Pizza Oven

Ooni's new super-sized pizza oven, the Koda 2 Max is designed to accommodate every taste, all at once


Ooni Pizza Ovens, the creator and leader of the home pizza oven market, launched a 24-inch pizza oven with a next-generation gas system allowing consumers to cook multiple pizzas, 20″ NYC-style pizzas and dual dishes or pizza styles at once. The Koda 2 Max is built to feed the entire family, with zonal cooking allowing for nonstop side-by-side bakes and a digital thermometer hub with smartphone connectivity.

“We’re thrilled to unveil the Koda 2 Max, our biggest and most versatile oven yet, designed to accommodate every taste, all at once,” said Kristian Tapaninaho, Founder and Co-CEO of Ooni. “With its seamless gas-only plug-and-play operation, this oven builds upon the success of one of our best-sellers, the Koda 16. It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of pizza perfection, backed by thousands of hours of rigorous testing and understanding.”

The Koda 2 Max has a 24-inch cordierite baking surface that is capable of reaching 950 ℉ (500 ℃). The expansive oven can bake one 20-inch New York-style pizza, two 12-inch pizzas, or three 10-inch pizzas at the same time. Ooni’s thickest 20 mm cordierite baking surface stays hotter longer while maximizing fuel efficiency.

Ooni’s team of designers and engineers spent over 8,000 hours developing the Koda 2 Max’s state-of-the-art G2 Gas Technology which delivers incredibly even heat across the oven for one-turn pizza cooking, reduced heating time between cooks, and ultimate ease of use. Two powerful, independently controlled gas burners allow for side-by-side, dual-zone cooking at a range of temperatures. This makes it possible to cook different styles of pizza simultaneously, or pizza and something else entirely. Slow cook a deep-dish pizza on one side while firing a NY-style pie on the other, or sear salmon on the left while flame-cooking kebabs on the right.

“This oven is what pizza party dreams are made of,” said Darina Garland, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Ooni. “But between the large cooking space and the versatile dual burners, pizza is only the beginning. The Koda 2 Max can precisely cook an entire meal of main and side dishes to absolute perfection.”

A front-mounted digital temperature hub gives air temperature readings from either side of the oven, so you know exactly when to launch your pizzas. Dive deeper with a pair of digital food probes that take internal temperature readings of meats as they roast.

For the first time, users can remotely monitor the oven temperature using the new Ooni Connect™ functionality in the Ooni app. Syncing the Ooni oven to the app allows access to real-time cooking notifications, temperature tracking, product updates, tips, and more. For the ultimate pizza night experience, just add water and oil to Ooni’s New York-Style Pizza Dough Mix for thin and crispy 20-inch New York-style pizza bases in as little as three hours.

Ooni’s Koda 2 Max will be available for pre-order beginning May 28th here: https://ooni.com/pages/explore-koda-2-max