Sherwin-Williams Launches “The Loneliest Color™” with Dapper Dan as Creative Director

Celebrating its least tinted color, the inaugural creative campaign thrusts a vibrant and luminous gold hue – Kingdom Gold SW 6698 – into the spotlight


Believing that the beauty of color is not determined by its popularity alone, Sherwin-Williams is reframing its focus to celebrate the uniqueness and value of every hue – even the ones that may often be overlooked. Over the last 14 years, Sherwin-Williams has designated a highly anticipated Color of the Year to inspire color confidence in consumers and brands as they embark on design projects, decipher fashion trends, identify their unique styles, and more. Today, the brand launches a first-ever color story that rediscovers the beauty of color and spotlights the most overlooked, least tinted and albeit least popular color: The Loneliest Color. 

Kingdom Gold SW 6698, a luminous hue that under pressure, emerges refined and stunning, embraces transformation as The Loneliest Color™. Timeless and uniquely set apart by its green undertones and high saturation, Kingdom Gold SW 6698 holds a radiant energy that connects the color to notions of abundance, nourishment, and the culmination of hard work. Embodying the spirit of The Loneliest Color™, Harlem couturier Dapper Dan will embark upon his premiere role as Creative Director of The Loneliest Color™ by Sherwin-Williams. Once overlooked and criticized by the fashion world, Dapper Dan relied on his individuality, personality, craft, and creativity to break the rules and forge his own path that defied all odds. Now revered as a design visionary and fashion industry treasure, Dapper Dan has lent his creative vision to reimagine Kingdom Gold SW 6698 through a collection of wearable art pieces in partnership with Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams Director of Color Marketing.

“The concept of celebrating The Loneliest Color™ is an artistic interpretation of what color is at its core. The full-color spectrum would not be what it is without each individual shade – meshing and blending to bring meaning to every aspect of our lives,” says Wadden. “There are challenges posed in home design when selecting a shade with intensity, but with the right palette and design support, Kingdom Gold SW 6698 can provide a magical balance that’s both grounding and stimulating.”

Evoking mystery and awe, Kingdom Gold SW 6698 is the brand’s least tinted hue, or the shade with the fewest gallons of color created since the inaugural Color of the Year was unveiled in 2011. Every year, Sherwin-Williams tints millions of gallons of paint in each of their top colors which span whites, grays and neutral tones. In comparison, less than 11,000 gallons of Kingdom Gold SW 6698 have been tinted in the last 14 years, making it apparent that collective tastes often thrive on popularity which can sometimes overtake personality.

“I’ve always seen the impact that color has in every piece that I’ve designed.  To me, color champions our creative potential and radiates joy,” says Dapper Dan. “My hope is that The Loneliest Color™ will help people find the confidence to show the world their true colors. Be unapologetic about their style and design choices. Embrace Kingdom Gold or any color that is personal, not just popular. The time to celebrate the overlooked and rediscover the beauty of color is now, and I’m excited to be part of this evolution alongside Sherwin-Williams.”

As part of his creative residence, Dapper Dan’s interpretation of The Loneliest Color™ will be brought to life through a collection of wearable art and a creative campaign lensed by Nolis Anderson and produced by Verytaste. The collection will draw inspiration from interior design trends and is motivated by fashion nostalgia, global runways, streetstyle, and his Harlem roots. Featuring eight one-of-a-kind pieces brought to life with a mix of fabrics, patterns and textiles, including inspiration from Dapper Dan’s personal archive, every item is a unique collectable that honors the spirit of The Loneliest Color™.

Showcased throughout the collection is a bold and moody maximalist palette inclusive of Kingdom Gold SW 6698, Brave Purple SW 6823, Habanero Chile SW 7589, In The Navy SW 9178 and Deep Sea Dive SW 7618 that evokes a sense of mystical spirituality and a fresh interpretation of traditional antiques.

  • The Loneliest Color™ Velour Jacket by Dapper Dan: A classic velour zip up jacket, reimagined in Kingdom Gold SW 6698 and emblazoned with a leopard. The details are in the shade of The Loneliest Color™: Kingdom Gold SW 6698 and the soft-to-the-touch velour material the color embraces.
  • The Loneliest Color™ Bucket Hat by Dapper Dan: An elevated bucket hat that’s fit for those who think and do differently. Made with velour, dyed to reflect Kingdom Gold SW 6698 and printed with Dapper Dan’s iconic initials and a leopard emblem. It’s a statement accessory worn to turn heads.
  • The Loneliest Color™ Vest by Dapper Dan: Kingdom Gold SW 6698, complimented by Habanero Chile SW 7589, gives a decadent finish to a vintage-inspired luxurious velour vest. Lined with a faux shearling and finished with a unique loop button enclosure, making it a distinct piece of wearable art to not only wear but own.
  • The Loneliest Color™ Soccer Kit by Dapper Dan: Play your own game in the first soccer kit designed by Dapper Dan. Made from textured recycled nylon spandex, featuring a shirt with matching pants dyed to reflect Kingdom Gold SW 6698 and Brave Purple SW 6823. The front features Sherwin-Williams while the back represents the birth of a fashion icon, AKA Dapper Dan with ‘HARLEM 44’.
  • The Loneliest Color™ Soccer Kit 2.0 by Dapper Dan: Play your game in the first soccer kit designed by Dapper Dan, which includes a shirt and matching pants. The textured recycled nylon spandex ensemble is dyed to reflect Kingdom Gold SW 6698 alongside Habanero Chile SW 7589, with Brave Purple SW 6823 in the details. The front features Sherwin-Williams while the back represents the birth of a fashion icon, AKA Dapper Dan with ‘HARLEM 44’.
  • The Loneliest Color™ Leather Jacket by Dapper Dan: A bolder take on a vintage-inspired Dapper Dan vegan leather jacket. This one-of-a-kind embossed leather jacket melts together Kingdom Gold SW 6698 with Deep Sea Dive SW 7618 and In The Navy SW 9178 to bring out the luminosity and vibrancy of The Loneliest Color™. 
  • The Loneliest Color™ Sneaker by Dapper Dan: Make your move in a re-imagined pair of Puma® Ralph Sampson sneakers adorned in Kingdom Gold SW 6698. They’re not afraid to stand alone, but they also play well with Dapper Dan’s original soccer kit.
  • The Loneliest Color Sneaker 2.0 by Dapper Dan: Forge your own path in a fresh pair of Puma® Clyde OG sneakers, which are dyed to reflect Brave Purple SW 6823 and dyed to reflect Kingdom Gold SW 6698 in the striking details. They’re not afraid to stand alone, but they also play well with Dapper Dan’s original soccer kit. 

“After years of forecasting color trends of what will be popular for the year, or even years to come, we decided to take a step back and not only rethink how we celebrate color, but how we can be better stewards of building the confidence consumers need when choosing a color. The Loneliest Color™ allows us to shed light on a hue that is unexpected and out of the ordinary for some,” adds Brett White, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We’re thrilled to embark on this journey in partnership with Dapper Dan as Creative Director of The Loneliest Color™. His expertise in design transcends fashion and is sure to bring new perspective to those considering bold colors in residential and commercial projects alike.”  

The wearable art pieces will be auctioned on eBay with bidding opening on April 4, 2024, with the first item available beginning at 12:00pm EST/9:00am PST. Items from the collection will continuously become available throughout the day, and bidding will remain open through Saturday, April 14 to U.S. and Canada residents. From April 4, 2024, through April 14, 2024, Sherwin-Williams will donate 100% of the proceeds from The Loneliest Color™ wearable art auction to Habitat for Humanity with a minimum contribution of $100,000. A portion of the proceeds will support affiliate organizations in Dapper Dan’s hometown of Harlem, New York.

Whether you’re feeling inspired to embrace Kingdom Gold SW 6698 in your home or want to explore new hues for any paint project, Sherwin-Williams Virtual Color Consultations are available to help with complimentary one-on-one guidance from color experts. Kingdom Gold SW 6698 is available in color chips and tinted cans at Sherwin-Williams neighborhood stores nationwide and online for in-store or curbside pick-up. Peel & Stick samples are also available online.

Introduce Drama and Elegance at Home 
Offering clarity and inspiration, the addition of Kingdom Gold SW 6698 invites vibrancy, energy and creativity into a home or space. While the earthy undertones are grounding and natural, small pops of gold in the architectural details of a space create a stunning visual impact.

“I recommend homeowners incorporate Kingdom Gold SW 6698 in small doses through throw pillows, artwork, or decorative items that will add warmth without overwhelming,” says Wadden. “Feature and accent walls are a great place to add a bold shade that will create a focal point in a larger, well-lit room that balances with neutral colors elsewhere.”

Infuse Warmth and Decadence 
Use the rich yellow of Kingdom Gold SW 6698 (137-C5) to inspire liveliness in residential and commercial spaces. Balance with trending deep blues and purples for contrast, analogous warm oranges or yellow for harmony, and neutral tones for balance. 

“Incorporating gold into a color collection is about finding the right balance and harmony with existing hues, the mood, the space, the light, and the desired impact,” added Wadden. “With a unique hue like Kingdom Gold SW 6698 (137-C5), make spaces personal, and experiment with variations of complementary colors, textures, and decorative pieces.”