Home Interior Design Sweeten Your Space with Hubba Bubba® Pink by BEHR®

Sweeten Your Space with Hubba Bubba® Pink by BEHR®


The Hubba Bubba® and BEHR® brands introduce a playful pink paint colour in Canada, adding a whimsy pop of colour to your home decor

According to science, the colour pink doesn’t stand alone as its own shade. As a purveyor of all things pink, Hubba Bubba® made by Mars is teaming up with Behr Paint Company, a leading paint manufacturer for do-it-yourselfers, to solidify the shade’s status in the hearts, minds, and homes of Canadians. Together, they’re introducing Hubba Bubba® Pink by BEHR®, a playful hue that radiates warm whimsical energy, inspiring endless pops of fun, creativity, and design possibilities.

“Hubba Bubba is committed to creating a world of fun where everyone is encouraged to embrace joy and play, and this partnership with Behr is an extension of that commitment”, said Patrick Zeng, Marketing Director, Mars Wrigley Canada. “Through this collaboration, we’re inspiring Canadians to incorporate pink and playfulness into their homes, while reminding them of the nostalgic fun of Hubba Bubba.”

This playful pink pairing embraces the ‘Dopamine Décor’ design movement, where colour is used to enhance mood and create joyful spaces. Hubba Bubba® Pink by BEHR® is more than just a paint colour. This whimsical shade, reminiscent of the cherished bubblegum, adds a burst of fun into any room.

“We know colour plays a powerful role in people’s everyday environments—especially a home,” says Erika Woelfel, VP of Colour and Creative Services at Behr Paint Company. “Hubba Bubba® Pink by BEHR® is the perfect playful hue for creating statement walls, transforming décor pieces, or adding a cheerful touch to doors and trim.”

To celebrate the launch, Hubba Bubba and BEHR brands are partnering with Visual Artist Briony Douglas, showcasing the importance of creativity in everyday life. Briony’s involvement illustrates how incorporating Hubba Bubba® Pink by BEHR® into various spaces can create fun and joy. Follow @briony on social to get inspired and share Hubba Bubba-inspired DIY projects on social with #HubbaBubbaPink and by tagging @behrpaint.