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Pediatrician’s tips on transitioning little ones from a baby bath to a bathtub

Image by Alina Braha

Wondering when is the right time to transition your baby from a baby bath tub to a regular tub? Most babies are ready for the bathtub at around 6 months or whenever they’re able to sit up and support themselves on their own.

Your child’s size might have a lot to do with why you haven’t switched. Some children quickly outgrow the baby bath, while others still fit inside comfortably at one year old. There are also other factors such as maybe your baby can sit up but doesn’t have complete control of their body just yet.

To help parents start thinking about transitioning their baby from the baby’s tub to the big bathtub, JOHNSON’S® is sharing tips on the best ways to bathe babies.

  • Transition Gradually

One of the simplest ways to transition gradually is to move the physical location of the baby tub. Once they get used to the idea that the bathroom is for bathing, then it’s time to put the baby bathtub in the regular tub, so they can get used to the space. Finally, once they’re ready, you can remove the baby tub, and bathe them directly in the big tub.

  • Level of Water

The water level should just be an inch or two from the bottom of the tub. It should also be warm. Test the temperature first before putting your baby inside the tub. You can turn your water heater down just in case your child gets a hold of the lever and accidentally opens the faucet.

  • Choose Tear-Free Products

Little ones tend to be splash-happy, and soapy water will manage to get into their eyes during bath time. Consider using tear-free products so its gentle on baby’s eyes. Made with NO MORE TEARS® formula, the JOHNSON’S® Head-to-Toe® Wash is designed for a tear-free way to gently cleanse your baby’s sensitive skin. Furthermore, this ultra-mild bath wash and shampoo rinse away 99.9% of germs from the baby’s delicate skin and hair.