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Rad Power Bikes Introduces Its Safest, Most Advanced Ebikes with New, Industry Leading Battery


Rad Power Bikes™ today announced the beginning of an innovative next chapter with the launch of four versatile ebikes and the newly engineered Safe Shield™ Battery with thermal resistant technology. With this significant addition to the brand’s lineup, Rad Power Bikes is building on its heritage of providing high-quality, accessible ebikes while achieving beyond the current industry requirements for safety.

Rad Power Bikes has made industry-leading commitments to battery safety, quality, and certification, setting new, higher standards for the entire micromobility sector. The new Safe Shield Battery with thermal resistant technology was designed from the ground up to advance the safety of ebike batteries and is available as both an external and semi-integrated 15Ah battery pack. The new battery packs are UL Certified to UL 2271. Taking the current standards further, these new batteries are potted with a unique heat-absorbing resin that protects against corrosion and overheating. It encapsulates each battery cell, and if overheating were to occur, the resin would help stop the thermal event from spreading. It can also prevent an accident, like a puncture or significant collision, from escalating. In addition, the new batteries can be recycled through Rad’s partnership with Redwood Materials and other qualifying battery recycling programs.

Featuring the Safe Shield Battery are four new ebikes: the all-new Radster family, which consists of the Radster Trail and Radster Road, and updates to two fan favorites, the RadWagon 5 and RadExpand 5 Plus. The four new ebike models are UL Certified to UL 2849. All of the new ebike models offer innovative features that enhance rider safety, including hydraulic disc brakes for improved stopping power over prior models, turn signals and brighter front headlights to enhance visibility, as well as revamped frame designs for greater stability, torque sensors for more responsive rides, IPX6 water resistance for all-weather ebiking, and refreshed colorways. Riders will also experience upgraded torque across the lineup to give them power when they need it most – whether that’s climbing a daunting hill or navigating traffic while commuting. In addition, Rad Riders wanted the option to move faster. To enable that, Rad Power Bikes intentionally designed and engineered the RadWagon 5, Radster Trail, and Radster Road to easily toggle between class 2 and class 3 safely*. 

“With even greater versatility in our fleet and new, innovative ebike battery technology that will elevate the industry in its entirety, we’re taking a significant step towards a world where ebikes are built for everyone and have the power to do just about anything,” said Phil Molyneux, CEO of Rad Power Bikes. “Over the last two years, I have worked closely with our supply chain and quality leaders, overhauling our processes to make this next generation of ebikes the very best for our riders. This launch marks the latest step we’ve taken to ensure the long-term success of both the ebike space and Rad.”

Radster Trail and Radster Road

The Radster is the newest addition to Rad’s lineup and includes two variations, the Radster Trail and Radster Road. Designed for work and play, the Radster is for riders looking to adventure on their own terms and take their ebike on weekend joyrides or long commutes. To optimize comfort, riders can also choose between two sizes, regular for riders 4′ 11″ – 5′ 8″, and large, for riders 5′ 7″ – 6′ 4″.

The Radster Trail features updated mid-fat tires capable of off and on-road riding. With a comfortable upright riding position and a hydraulic front fork suspension, it allows riders to take their adventures farther and gives riders the confidence they need to smoothly handle the local trails or a weekend backpacking trip with ease. The Radster Trail comes in Fir Green or Copper Red.

The Radster Road is the commuter powerhouse with narrower tires, hydraulic suspension fork, and a greater handlebar sweep than the Radster Trail for a smoother, more efficient ride on pavement. It also has full coverage fenders and a chain guard to protect against the elements and keep clothes clean. The Radster Road comes in Bay Blue and Lunar White.

RadWagon 5

Entirely redesigned from the ground up, the RadWagon 5 builds on the heritage of Rad’s fan-favorite minivan alternative with even better handling, more comfort, and increased payload capacity that can help riders carry groceries, kids, and everything in between. To improve rider control and stability, Rad Power Bikes condensed the frame and lowered the bike’s center of gravity. The reworked frame geometry now accommodates a wider range of rider sizes and boosts confidence while handling. And with a hydraulic front suspension, bumpy rides feel smoother. Available in Black and Metallic Blue, the RadWagon 5 is also getting updated accessories with a redesigned deckpad and running boards.

RadExpand 5 Plus

The RadExpand 5 Plus adds several highly requested features, such as a higher payload capacity for carrying weekend essentials, a more visible color display that delivers stats in real time, and a hydraulic front suspension for tackling bumpy roads. This folding favorite remains a great choice for city-dwellers or suburbanites without ample space, or adventurers who want to take their ebike on the go. Available in two new colors, Stone Tan and Slate Blue.