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HP Printers Ink. Which To Choose?

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If you are a proud owner of an HP printer, then you will also be well versed in the dilemma of whether you should buy original ink or use an ink replacement service. With so many different opinions out there, we have taken a look into both types of ink so that you can feel confident the next time you need to purchase a top-up. Take a read through our findings and then shop with confidence!

Understand That Ink Is Ink

One of the biggest misconceptions is that replacement and original inks are different. In reality, the ink that inside each cartridge is the same, as long as you buy it from a reputable supplier. However, there one big difference that you should be aware of.

The original HP printer cartridge is never full to the top unless it is an XXL option. This means that you will typically be paying for a cartridge that is half full or less. In comparison, replacement ink will often come more full so that you get more for your money; an asset when you consider that the ink is not just used for printing but also to clean and lubricate your printer.

Advertising Is King

The other thing you must be aware of is that big-name brands like HP can afford massive marketing budgets that will work to convince you that their ink is the only decent option. In fact, HP is so savvy when it comes to this point that they share in all their material that replacement ink could be harmful to your printer.

The truth is that they work hard to convince you that to make a sensible decision, you must only ever go with an original replacement because they are the most dependable. Whereas the truth is murkier and the reality is that as long as you buy your HP 952 ink or whatever cartridge you need from a reputable seller, then you will not have any issues.

Replacement Ink Providers Don’t Need To Recoup Funds

When HP sell you their printer machines, they do so at a loss so that they can convince you to buy their product. This may sound like a crazy decision, but when you couple it with their huge marketing power, then you begin to realise that they recover these funds by selling their ink at a high price.

Replacement ink companies like Smart Ink do not sell printers and do not need to recover their money from selling you items below market value. This means that they are free to offer the best possible price and that you can benefit from purchasing from them.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing your ink replacement, it is a decision that only you can make. However, it seems ludicrous that consumers would continue to pay massive premiums for original ink cartridges when it is clear that the replacement versions are as good and come in at a lowe price. Our advice? Opt for the replacement ink every time!