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Five Home Heating Tips


It does not matter whether you own a bedsit or a large detached house keeping your heating bills under control has to be a priority. Across the world, the cost of power and fuel is rising, so it is all too easy for these bills to get out of control.

The tips outlined below will help you to stop this from happening. They will all help you to save you money and, in some cases, help the environment at the same time.

Shop around for the best deal

It does not matter what type of fuel or power you use to heat your home you should always shop around for the best deals. You can even do this if you use bottled gas or heating oil to heat your home. Firms like Emo Oil offer every customer the chance to get a quote. They also change their prices regularly to ensure that their clients are always offered a competitive price.

Service your boiler regularly

The first tip is to service your boiler and do so regularly. Many homeowners opt not to do this in an effort to save money. Usually, this works out to be a false economy. An un-serviced cannot operate efficiently, which means that it will almost certainly be burning more fuel than a serviced one would.

Insulate your pipes

When you go through your home updating your insulation do not forget to lag your pipes. You would be surprised at just how much heat you lose as the hot water travels from your boiler to your radiators.

Consider buying a smart thermostat

An awful lot of people waste money heating an empty home. Usually, this is because they are still using an old-fashioned thermostat and timer. These work well, but do not offer you the same level of flexibility that a smart thermostat or switch would. Smart thermostats still allow you to pre-programme your heating to turn on and off at certain times of the day to fit in with your schedule. In addition, they enable you to override that programming should you need to. If things change, for example, you get stuck in traffic, you can use your smartphone to turn the heating off. Being able to do this ensures that you do not waste energy heating an empty house.

Arrange your furniture carefully

How you arrange your furniture can also have an impact on how much you need to spend on heating your home. It is important to make sure that items of furniture like sofas are not set up directly in front of radiators. This ensures that the heat gets into the room where it is needed instead of being wasted warming up the back of a sofa, or another item of furniture.

If you would like a more comprehensive list of steps that you can take to save money on heating and powering your home you can find it here. Clicking the link will give you access to a comprehensive checklist that you can use to make sure that you are not wasting energy.