We’ve all had moments of procrastination when it comes to home building projects. Maybe it’s the feeling of being overwhelmed with work, or perhaps we haven’t had that creative spark to get our mind flowing with new ways to enhance our home.

Well, we’re here to give you a helping hand and aid in your home DIY efforts. Here are four critical home decorating tips, recommended by an expert custom home builder. Princeton, NJ homeowners or apartment renters in the city can utilize these essential methods to add a creative touch to any DIY project.

Furniture’s New Purpose

You do not need to start from scratch with your next home DIY project. Some of the most beautiful home decorations come from old furniture pieces, which have been handcrafted and repurposed into useful additions for any home. Turning a spare nightstand into a bathroom vanity, a group of wooden chairs into a bench, or even an ancient piano into a new bar for the basement, just takes some careful planning and stylish touch.

If this is your first furniture repurposing project, you may want to start small before moving on to a larger one. Creating new shelving from an old dresser, for instance, can be an excellent DIY assignment. You’ll want to remove the dresser drawers and put in hardwood planks to act as the rows of shelves. Wiping it down at the end to remove any excess debris, and using furniture polish with a lint-free cloth to give it a glossy shine, will make your repurposed furniture stand out and look magnificent.

The Visual Uses of Paint

As a DIYer, you know how beneficial paint can be. However, paint has more uses than just changing the color of a room. You can use paint in various home DIY ways to highlight or accent certain details of whichever room you’re working on. You can even change the feeling of spaciousness that your room creates.

If you paint in certain areas on a wall or ceiling, and with the correct shade of color, you can accentuate the room’s area feel to suit your choice. For instance, if you’re using a lighter tone for your walls, then choosing a slightly darker shade of paint for your ceiling can give it a lower visual effect. This, in turn, will make it seem like the walls are being pushed slightly outward, making a smaller room feel larger.

Utilizing Vertical Space

Let’s face it: functionality is a massive part of DIY projects. We all want our homes to have a friendly vibe that welcomes guests and nurtures each family member. Clearing walkable pathways of clutter is only the first step towards ensuring that your home has a more open, cordial atmosphere.

Using more of your home’s vertical space can let up more room for yourself to store items and add more flair to the surroundings. Building or renovating furniture that you can wall-mount for tasks such as shoe storage can lead to less overall mess on the ground. And utilizing hooks or rods on your walls can be a convenient way to hang towels or clothing, without taking up space in the closet.

The home is where you spend most of your time, and where you and your family gather to communicate and be together. These creative DIY tips will help give your mind a jolt, boost your home decoration, and add an upgraded look and feel to your home DIY projects.   

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